Will orgasm during the days after ovulation (and fertilization) interfere beside the implantation of the embryo?

Let's say that a woman ovulates, has sex and the egg is fertilized...if she has an orgasm during the week after ovulation, will it prevent implantation of the embryo contained by the wall of the uterus because of the uterine contractions an orgasm causes?

Just curious, really in the mood, but only 3-4DPO and I don't want to ruin my probability by having an orgasm. Please answer or share your experiences of orgasms during the 2 week wait. Thanks!
Answers:    I dont think that they would considering once that point attatches its stuck. and until the point it attatches they wouldnt cause any harm..the uterine contractions caused by sex are strong but I dont imagine they would be strong enough to really cause any harm if the egg is on its mode im sure it could latch on and stay there

Baby dust to you! :)
No, you will not ruin your chances at all, adjectives will be fine hun :) My fiance one cycle refused to have sex with me after I ovulated because he be afraid it would disrupt the whole implantation process, I told him he was silly and lets bring busy lol. Go ahead and have fun, have sex now only for fun and not baby making. You two have put in so much application into timing sex with ovulation in hopes of conceiving, you both deserve an orgasm or 2, or 3 or 4.

Good luck and baby dust :)

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