BBT Implantation Dip?

We are TTC and I've been tracking my BBT charts. I ovulated 9 days ago and yesterday morning my bbt dropped .5 degrees below coverline. This morning it went spinal column up & then some above my highest bbt. I know TONS of people vote that implantation dips are a myth. I believe that's true. But, I was also wondering how many of you out there get an implantation dip and a BFP? And how many got one and got a BFN? Just curious to see some answers. Thanks girls!
I don't want to blow smoke, but that is exactly what happened when I got my BFP. My temp stayed pretty big for a few days, too. I actually had a BBT of 98.7 one day (which is rotten the charts high for me, my norm post-ovulation is 98.1'ish with a high of 98.4). I dipped to 98.07 on 8dpo, afterwards shot up to 98.69 on 9dpo, then it stayed between 98.65 & 98.7 for a few days before I stopped temping.
We have been ttc#1 since April
I started charting my BBT this month because I thought it might help

My temp be averaging 98.3 or 98.4
on 6-7DPO it dipped down to 97.87 and went up to 98.58 the following day (this is the highest is have been this month)
I am getting closer to my AF due date(praying it won't come)
(only 7 more days to go)
and my temps are still averaging 98.6 or 98.5

So maybe the implantation dip isn't a myth and I will FINALLY get the BFP this month..

I will hold on to you posted. Testing next Saturday.

I wish us both tons of sticky baby dust!!
Hope you gain your BFP too..
Answers:    I enjoy been charting on and off for the last 4 years, started after I have my first child. The only time I have had a drop within temperatures after ovulation was in July of 2007. My temp dropped at 10dpo and consequently went back up the next hours of daylight. That was the month I conceived my 2nd child, so although I have also heard it's a myth, I totally believe surrounded by implantation dips. Good luck, this may be your month. Source(s): Mommy to 2

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