Can you still run Clomid if you ovulate?

I was told that Clomid is only for women who do not ovulate.

What would happen if you give somebody a lift Clomid and you DO ovulate? I'm just trying to get some answers because I'm not sure if I'm ovulating properly or not.

Does it have to be prescribed by a doctor? Are at hand any types of clinics that will presribe it to you? Do you have to go through certain test before they will prescribe it to you?

Any information on Clomid will be greatly appreciated.

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I think you can still transport clomid if you're ovulating. it helps regulate you.
Yes, it has to be prescribed by a doctor, and if your doctor thinks you enjoy unexplained fertility or trouble ovulating, he will most likely put you on this medication starting with a low dose first.
I am currently in doing infertility treatment and they are first running exam on my to make sure everything else is ok and working properly. I ask my doctor the same question because I ovulate everymonth and she said she will put me on Clomid and it will freshly give me a double chance of getting pregnant. Good luck to you! :)
Clomid forces ovulation. When you have an anovulatory cycle it means that any 1. you do not ovulate at all or 2. you ovulate an egg that is unable to sustain go, usually because the egg is not mature enough.

If you take clomid when you ovulate already, you will produce MORE eggs, which raise the chances of having multiples and higher lay down multiples.

It must be prescribed by a doctor. Some women, especially on Y!A have a way of getting it with out a prescription and I will narrate you the same thing I tell them... it is VERY unsafe to take any kind of fertility medication with out one under the supervision of a doctor. Because of the way that clomid works and induces ovulation and makes more follicles (eggs) you enjoy a chance of getting hyper ovarian stimulation syndrome (and even more so if you already ovulate), which is where you produce WAY too many eggs. Your ovaries obviously get enlarged and can twist and possibly rupture and it is potentially fatal. And if you do not get hold of hyper stimulation, you always run the risk of having higher charge multiples (3 or more babies at a time) because you produce more eggs and you have no way of knowing because you are not being monitored... and if triplets or quads sounds natty to you, trust me, its not.

You can go to your normal ob/gyn to get clomid. Just net sure that when and if they do prescribe you clomid that they monitor you for follicle production before you ovulate and that they are checking your progesterone levels on cd 21. A reproductive endocrinologist would be a better choice than ob/gyn if you have the route (a few states have mandatory fertility coverage on insurance.) And I would recommend fertility testing before asking for any fertility medication. Truth be agreed, there are alot of things that can cause you to not get pregnant, everything from thyroid issues to a low amount of progesterone and clomid may be overkill for those situations.

Good luck!

EDIT- The creature below me said that it does not increase the amount of follicles... so this is in response to that.

The way that clomid works is it causes the hypothalamus (an nouns of the brain) to make and release more gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which in turn causes the pituitary to bring in and release more FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone.) The more FSH your body makes the more follicles you will produce. Simple as that.

If you do not ovulate before taking clomid, then logically it takes MORE FSH to ovulate, but if you are already ovulating you are making enough FSH. Clomids whole purpose is to trademark more, more mature follicles. Its not that clomid does not mature follicles because that is 1 of the 2 purposes, but it also make MORE of them. Source(s): Pregnant with triplets from clomid and I needed it.
You have to step to the doctor to get it. Make an appointment and ask the doctor these questions- they will know more than anyone on the internet.
Answers:    Clomid does need to be prescribed to you by a doctor.

My RE did prescribe Clomid to us even though I ovulate like clockwork. We have TTC for about a year and half without nouns. We went through testing including blood work to check egg quality/quantity and ovulation, hsg to check for blockage of tubes and seman analysis for my husband. All of our tests come back normal - our diagnosis was unexplained infertility.

We tried 4 cycles of Clomid - 3 of them next to IUI - the idea behind Clomid was to backing the follicles mature better, stronger ovulation and hope that would just give everything a bit of a charge. Unfortunately, it did not arise and we moved onto other treatments.

I have heard of doctors prescribing it without trialling, but I think testing is important. What is the point of taking it if it does not addess an issue - or taking it when it is doomed to go wrong due to an extreme low sperm count or blocked tubes? Clomid is a serious fertility medication with side effects including bloating, mood swings, hot flashes etc . . . it can also cause cysts if you are prone to them. Most doctors will not prescribe more than 6 cycles due to an increased risk for ovarian cancer.

You have be trying for more than a year, I would consult a doctor and go from there.

Good luck and baby dust!

ETA - one of the others mentioned that Clomid puts you at an increased risk for multiples - it does - more or less 7 - 10% depending on who you ask. BUT - it does not always cause multiple eggs to be released if you take it when you ovulate. Through monitoring, I know that I never have more than one mature follicle when on Clomid. The point according to my RE was NOT to release more eggs, just to receive a stronger, better timed ovulation.

ETA - I am NOT saying that Clomid when taken when you ovulate will NOT cause multiple eggs . . . just that it does NOT for everyone. A low dose of clomid can also raise the QUALITY of the egg (not just quantity). I ovulate on my own - tests proved it - both ultrasound and blood work, I took Clomid for 4 cycles and personally NEVER have more than one mature follicle. My RE kept the dosage low as he prefers to reduce the chance of a high-risk multiple pregnancy whenever possible. It be to improve the quality of my ovulation.…

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