Does putting your legs up after sex really work?

I heard that if you're trying to conceive that after sex you can keep your legs up for thirty minutes to help the sperm return with where it's going. I also heard that you can put a pillow under your butt during sex and after to elevate your hips. Has anyone tried this and get pregnant? Can it really increase your chances of conceiving?
Scientifically it really doesn't help all that much in fact but it makes a lot of women feel approaching they have more control of the situation. It certainly doesn't hurt anything but it doesn't necessarily help.

Immediately following ejaculation the semen and sperm that are going to capture past your cervix already has. Holding your legs up just certainly allows the remaining semen that is just in your vaginal waterway to pool at the base of your cervix. That semen would leak out of you regardless of if you stood up right after or if you waited 30 minutes.
The key is not to stand up right and starting jogging right after so that semen can stay surrounded by at least 20 minutes and doesn't leak out right away. It takes in the order of 20 mins for most of the sperms to separate from the semen and after that it is okay for the semen to leak out. So, as long as your lying down even with a little elevation for 20 mins, thats worthy.

Of course, even if you did stand up and most of the semen leaks out right away, thats okay too. It only takes one great swimmer to manufacture it through in order to get pregnant (and presumably the discouraging sperms are the one that cannot get out of the semen in time). So, on a relative scale, it probably doesn't increase the probability by that much. More important is to time it perfectly and have sex repeatedly during the fertile window.

Good luck.
It did twice for us!
i don't know if explicitly what worked for us but i did it too.. lol i put a pillow under my hips and had my legs strait on the wall like a 90 level angle.. if u get what i mean?? lol Source(s): mommy to twins due in NOV
tried to conceive for 2 1/2 years
Answers:    it worked for us.

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