Poking A Hole In A Condom To Get Pregnant ?

Stupid if you ask me... BUT.If you poke a hole in the condom before usage, wont it break when he comes inside of it? Or will it look normal to the eye(but the creature who poked a hole in it will know), because I seen answers like that and he girls don't want the guy to know, but yeah, wouldn't it stick out if it breaks? Then what? =/
Depends i did this dont ask why and i use a safty pin through the rapper and all and it didnt rip and if the one who did it open it he wont notice the package... bt i didnt get pregnant

but my hubby needed one , but if ur dont dont do that bc u can cause serious problems in ur relationship bc for some odd function they always find out
we think thats what my husbands friends wife now but gf at the time did, he didnt want kids and she be supposedly on bc or whatever and she is so obsessed with him she somehow concluded up pregnant tho he used a condom. so it was a little funny how it worked out bc now he wont exit her and she knows it. shes crazy. its psychotic when girls do that stuff. but its not noticeable when they do. only the party who does it knows theres a hole and then the sperm and what not can come out thru the hole. its sneaky but girls are crazy sometimes.
You're scandolous...and I won't stop down to your smooth and answer such an ignorant question.

UPDATE: No one is fool enough to believe your lies except you.
trying to trick someone into getting you pregnant? seems like a great foundation for a human energy and a relationship. maybe you should just tell him you're on the pill and forgo the condom altogether. that's what I did! Source(s): I'm a doctor and a succubus.
Answers:    I doubt it would work really. there is so much spermicide lubricant already on the condom to begin, even it it did break, it would probably render the sperm incapable of swimming. And really, when you think roughly, a normal couple having unprotected sex (no condom, no birth control etc.) have nearly a 1 in 4 chance of actually achieve a pregnancy each month. so the circumstances you are describing would have even less a unsystematic.

So no, I don't think it would work really.

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