How to carry pregnant if husband can't ejaculate inside me?

My husband and I have been together for almost 3 years and he has not once ejaculate inside me.
My husband has never been able to ejaculate inside a woman and he is 38 years mature.
He can ejaculate by masturbation but for some reason, he has never been competent to do it inside someone.
We now want to get pregnant but don't know what other processes are available.
Is there any websites that discuss option for this?
Can you use a siringe and squirt it inside or does it have to be done medically?
It is absolutely possible to become pregnant even if a man does not ejaculate, or does not ejaculate during intercourse. The most reliable methods of birth control involve the use of either a contraceptive medication, such as birth control pills, or a boom, such as a condom.

It is possible for pre-seminal fluid (sometimes called precum) to have sperm in it. While pre-seminal fluid is not produced beside sperm in it, if there is sperm in the man’s urethra from a previous ejaculation, the pre-seminal fluid may pick up the sperm and take it along. If a man urinates after a previous ejaculation but before having sex, it is much less possible that his pre-seminal fluid will have sperm in it.

There are other factors that breed “pulling out” a higher risk for becoming pregnant. Trying to avoid getting pregnant without ejaculation relies on the man’s ability to know his own body. He have to be able to tell right away when he is about to ejaculate so that he can debt in time. In addition, using this method for birth control relies on the man’s self-control; he have to be able to stop himself at the very height of devotion to make sure that he does not ejaculate.

Using this practice of “pulling out” as a form of birth control is not entirely reliable. Success rates run anywhere from 73 to 96% effectiveness. In contrast, the birth control pill is more than 99% effective, and the condom, when used correctly, is around 99% impressive. In general, the withdrawal method is not always the best method of birth control.

If barrier, such as condoms, are not an option, and medication, such as the birth control pill, is not an option, you might consider a combination of withdrawal and the rhythm method. The rhythm method is base on the idea that you won’t have sex when you are fertile. This works best for women who have a regular cycle, and without fault practice the rhythm method. This method does require constant vigilance, and cooperation of your partner. For religious and other reasons, this is the preferred birth control method for many women. Rhythm, like subtraction, can be very effective. However, if a woman doesn’t have a menstrual cycle to be precise constant and predictable, the chances of becoming pregnant increase. The chances of becoming pregnant also increase dramatically if the partners don’t strictly follow the calendar.
Hi catlover,

Your husband's inability to ejaculate inside of you will cost you, in ways that are more than financial. You and he need to gain to the root cause of why he is psychologically unable to have intercourse minus pulling out or using a condom. Because of your husband's mental/emotional blockage, you will have to invest in being inseminated by him unless he is competent to get around this problem. I highly recommend that your husband see a sex/relationship therapist. Insemination is not cheap and because your husband is in actual fact able to ejaculate, many insurance companies will not help cover the cost due to it not mortal a physiological issue. If he were unable to do it because of a health condition, next that would be a different story but because it is psychological, you will run into an issue regarding health insurance coverage.

You can try to use a syringe. It may not work because the semen will be contaminated with nouns but it could work and it can be tried in the interim. He would need to ejaculate directly into the syringe and then you would have need of to place the syringe inside of you and release the semen. Use one without a needle of course, and this could work but it is not as successful or reliable as the doctor's methods.

Please encourage your husband to seek help. I need the best to both of you. Source(s): Avid Researcher and Bookworm
ejaculate in his hand and permit him fist you.
Find an expert, tell your husband to masturbate on a designated spot, afterwards they'll extract the sperms and inject it directly to your ovum. Well, there are numerous other ways, but considering your situation, this would be the less painful and quickest.
Use this website. It does work! I know someone who did it when she was experiencing her fertile cervical mucous and she got pregnant the first time. These two women i know had a close friend donate sperm to them and it worked. you newly use a syringe... Well the website explains it in detail. Good Luck. By the way nothing be wrong with their child the dr told them it was just as raw as if your partner were actually doing it inside you!…
your child will come out different by insemination..

just tell him not to be scared.. or anything...

and while you are pumping,
tighten your vaginal muscles as if you be holding your pee..
so that he will ejaculate Source(s): Im still 15, and Im still a virgin..


I watch porn and stuff
Answers:    you could go for the turkey baster method! lol

there are truly a few mthods of home insemination you can try see here:…

though your not guarenteed success
Do your own version of artificial insemination. Get a needleless syringe. Have him ejaculate into a cup, suck it up into the syringe and insert into your vagina. That is exactly how my friend did her home artificial insemination with sperm from a bank.

If this method doesn't work for you, you can enjoy a doctor do IUI where they do the same thing but use a long tube to place directly within your uterus. As far as the other poster calling this method dangerous, all you have to do is squish out the atmosphere out of the syringe before inserting. That's a no brainer. Source(s): This site describes the best time to do AI.
Talk to your doctor nearly intrauterine insemination (IUI).

If you do it at home, you HAVE to know exactly what to do. Getting air up there is not a good article.

Just google IUI and you will find lots of info.

Good luck to you!

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