Might be a dumb interview...how do toddler sizes work?

I know that not every baby wears the same size clothes at a distinctive age...so please don't tell me all of that...

I see how the infant type sizes work...P, NB, 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 12m, 18m, 24m...but how do the toddler sizes (2T, 3T, 4T, 5T) work? Is it set up to be the average 2 year old, 3 year behind the times, 4 year old, and 5 year old? Or what??

We still have for a while ways to go before our son can wear any of that...he just turned a year ripened and depending on the brand, he can wear 3-6m up to 12 month pants and typically 12, 18, or 24 month shirts...

Just wondering what the "general guideline" is for toddler clothes? Is a 2T supposed to be about impossible to tell apart as a 24 month or what?
You are right that the 2T, 3T etc. are suppose to fit the average size 2 year behind the times, 3 year old etc. I believe that 24 months is slightly smaller than a 2T. I have also found that your higher lapse clothes such as Gap, Gymboree, Mini Boden tend to run slightly larger than the less expensive clothing from say Wal-Mart & K-mart. For example, my daughter tends to fit contained by Gap clothes for her age (at 4 she wears a 4T). However she is in a 5T or even a 6 in clothes we procure from Wal-Mart.
It would depend on the length of your baby/toddler, and the breadth around the middle, and hip, and in the chest and arm that your little child is. This is the best yard mark to work along. I don't reckon that the sizes are carved in stone, it is just more the measurements of your child to determine appropriately the size of them.

Hope that this helps you!:)
I think they design the sizes based on the "average" size of a child at a extraordinary age. I noticed when I bought 2T clothes not only where they wayyyy too big but the size that they be seemed to fit with the average height of a 2 year infirm when I looked at growth charts (and the boy I was shopping for is small for his age).

2T and 24 month old clothing is about one and the same. 2T may be slightly bigger and have more of a "toddler fit" rather then a "little one fit" (18-24 month old size however is smaller).
Yeah it is supposed to correspond with the age, but like you said not all kids are alike. My son is five and can still wear 3T shorts. He has a thin waist and overall small frame. The clothes also depend on the cut. I have found some shirts that next to one brand are roomy but in another brand are cut tight.
Answers:    Yes, I think that's generally how it's supposed to work. However, my son is only 3 and have been wearing 5T for a year now.
2T and 24 months are about the same size 24 months is a little smaller.

My son is 2 and wear 3 and 4 T shirts and shorts. He was a big head/chest/and waist.

My 4 year old daughter is in 3 T and 4 T also. She is small for her age. But have a normal height. My 6 month old have is in 6 to 9 month clothes. I am a little surprise because My oldest by the time she was 8 or 9 months be in size 18 months. But Sara is a little smaller than my first. Way smaller than my second. But she is more motivated than my 2 oldest. She is almost crawling.
24 months is a little shorter and a hair smaller than 2T. And yes you are correct 2T is for the average 2 year weak and so on.
A 2T is not the same as 24 months, it is just a bit larger but zilch too drastic. 3T is for an average 3 year old, 4T is for your average 4 year old and so on until 5t when they usually fit into a 4-6x in childrens clothes. Note that as you achieve up in sizes (3T, 4T and 5T) the cut of the pants are often times smaller because by this time it is assumed the toddler is potty trained so they don't necessitate the extra room for a diaper. These are all aproximations, when my daughter was your sons age we had her contained by a 2t..she is currently between a 4t and 5t and she just turned 28 months so every child is different depending on their height and weight. Source(s): mom of a impressively tall toddler
You are along the right lines. Generally speaking, a child wears a 2T at age 2, a 3T at age 3, etc. Of course, resembling you already said, it does depend on how the baby is built, but as a rule of thumb that's generally how the process goes.

Yes, a 2T and 24 months are relatively equal. The difference is very minimal. In bottoms, a 24 month allows for more diaper room, whereas a 2T is made for those no longer in diapers. Don't let that fool you though into thinking that your child can not wear a 2T of late because they are still in diapers. They most definitely can.

Another difference is that you won't find romper style clothing (snaps or onesies) once you move up into toddler sizes. Again, this is based upon that most toddlers are erudition to be potty-trained.

When dealing with girls, a 24 month dress would include a pair of bloomers under the dress whereas a 2T would not. I know you said you have a son, but I thought that may help give you a little better belief of the differences.

Hope the info helps! : )

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