Stuff to do while babysitting?

so im babysitting a 3 year old and a 6 year old, but i dont know what little kids like,
as within what kind of stuff should i do with them?

thank you :)
movies, popcorn, ball games, playgrounds, video games, books, cook brownies, ask them what they like and do it.
well 3 and 6 year old's love crafts. The messier the better. I own 3 kids I nanny for. and the 6 year old loves to write and do crafts. actually they all do. The messier they can bring back the better as their mom hates messy activities.

Tomorrow we are relaxing at home in the morning and later in the afternoon we are going to go to run a few errands and then travel to the beach. Maybe if they are all in a much better mood. (they be holy terrors today)

lets see they like watching movies and playing games. Sometimes when I enjoy them at night we will eat dinner then progress to the park and come home to either play games or watch a movie with popcorn.

The 6 year outmoded I have loves to bake (they all do actually). So you could final something simple.

make peanut butter play dough (ask parents 1st in case of a nut allergy) But it is fun to generate and then they can play with it and eat it. Yummy.

I am sure you could ask them what they would approaching to do as well. Kids love to have some say within what you are doing.

A good craft website -

and a simple peanut butter play recipe I suggest letting each child make their own delivery. It's more fun that way.

1/2 cup Peanut butter
a tiny bit of honey
enough flour to make it not as sticky anymore
a splash of milk

Mix adjectives together (using hands for a really messy activity)

then let the kids play beside it. using pretzel sticks, raisins or any other food item you might find around the house to make fun things with the play dough then permit the kids eat their creations. It's both an activity and a snack.

If you need anything else touch free to email me through here anytime. And I'll help in any way I can. Source(s): Personal experience. Plus roughly speaking 10 years working with children.
Answers:    You could find out what characters are their favorite and get online and print things out for them to do. My two year infirm loves Diago, and you can go to nick jr or noggin and print coloring pages, games, and activites. You can also permit them play games on the computer. If they like to go outside you could even get some sidewalk chalk. All children of adjectives ages love that!! Good Luck!! Source(s): Mommy of a beautiful 2 year old boy!!
kids love arts and crafts. their are tons of websites that offer free printable art and crafts. adjectives you would need is school glue. heres one that i other use when babysitting my nephew. good luck.
Try things like this:

Charades- Animal, Jobs, Etc.
Hide N Seek- In a safe nouns
Movies - Rent some if they don't have many (Disney)
Tag - In Backyard on Grass
Cops N Robbers - On Grass too, not pavement
Making Cookies
Playing with playdoh - adjectives, rolling, shaping
Reading Their Choice of Books
Dress Up - Bring some things in a backpack or use theirs
Video Games - If they have a system or handhelds
Scavenger Hunt - Indoors or out. (For outdoors, make a index - acorns, leaves or 3 colours, yellow grass, clover, 5 sticks, 4 pebbles etc. before time runs out)
Tea Party - with plastic cups/mugs
Play House- Dress up, and tolerate them play older, used stuffed dog as pet etc.
Simon Says
Arts and Crafts (making cootie catchers, drawing/colouring, making paper airplanes - simple things )

Have fun! and good luck! other bring some things or purchase some small games/activities at the dollar store to bring. Your things will be far more interesting than the stuff they have. Be sure to show the parent before.

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