Should daycare centers lock their doors for collateral reason?

We plan on enrolling our son in a Montessori school after he turns 18 months. Since he'll be 12 months surrounded by August LW, we thought about placing him in a day support in the meantime...(he currently stays home during the day) I visited a daycare last week and notice that the entrance doors were kept unlocked...Not sure if that's normal or not??
if its a center and not a private daycare they have to be unlocked. business rules, i know it makes me disconcerted and its not safe at all but as long as its the entrance itll be fine, the kids will be in the wager on anyways.
the doors should be closed at it should have a secure lock. but it must be very comfortable to open in the inside so that it will be easy for the staff to come out should an emergency arise.if you check out daycare centers, pls watch the following:
the place must be clean and inviting, not noisy and dirty. the daily events should be visible and readily available to the parents.
the place must be spacious and necessary equipment must be available.
Child to staff ratio
ask if they enjoy an on call health practitioner at hand.
the staff must be forgiving and nurturing and the other kids there must be happy.
you can also ask your pedia if she can recommend one. Source(s):
Woah! That's very strange for a daycare door to be unlocked. I was in daycare within the 90's and we had locked doors. Look for another daycare
When we enrolled our daughter in daycare/preschool security be one of our main concerns. Some we looked at had reception areas where you signed surrounded by and the daycare area was in a separate location but no locked doors. We completed up enrolling her in a daycare with keycode locked warranty . I would question how well they monitor the children if the doors are not secure for entry.
It depends. Is there a front desk where on earth people need to check in or surpass by in order to pick up kids? If so, then it's typical. If it's just an open door and anyone can walk within and grab some kids, then no...not normal.
my son attends a private preschool they have double glass doors at the front. as soon as you walk contained by there is a desk that sometime there is a teacher at. if within is a teacher at the front office the door is unlocked. but if everyone is in the classrooms or on the playground the door is locked. i find that terrifically efficient.
no no no no no stay away from that type of nucleus I am a preschool teacher myself any centre that you wish to attend should alway own a "open door" policy. the teachers and staff sould have other scheme of protecting the children from people who entre for eample on you enrollment form you are asked who can take you child out of the centre and if someone different tries too than they should alays contact you straight away. remember your child is within that centre if you can't get to them at any or all times than stay away. you should really quiz this policy of locking the door.
I think they should have the type of doors that are seen at most school and restaurants. The ones that come with a push bar so they can be locked from the outside but in inevitability of escape they would be easy to open.
That's fantastic! All of the research and literature I've read on Montessori schools have been nothing but positive. In my opinion it's a great belief, however, as the others have said, make sure that you still have a great deal of parental involvement with your child.

Yes, I firmly believe that all the doors on daycare centres should be locked to prevent strangers (or creeps!) coming within off the street. You can never be too safe in this morning and age.

Stu :-)
it is not average every place i've seen locks the door but allot of the time the babysitters have a child answer the door so if you went to a private daycare it wouldn't really situation much
Answers:    everyone keeps dictum the doors should be locked and i can see why but there's also a safety issue if the doors are would make it difficult for anyone to help out if near was a fire if they can't get inside the building...especially if the glass on the doors is bullet proof resembling most schools are...yeah there are adults inside who could help the children out but what if something happen and they get separated from some of the's one risk or another either way you jump
You should consider being a parent, raise and instruct your own child until proper school age. With your child at home you wouldn't need to worry.

Yes the doors should be locked to prevent entrance but not escape.

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