My boyfriend hit my son!?

dude. HELL NO!
i would murder him.
involve authorities.
If this were true someone would hold had to have taught a three year weak to talk that way and as for the 'boyfriend" hitting the "child" I would be on the phone to the police faster than he could get out the door and hold him arrested and charged with assaulting my child. But then I doubt very much this is true because it is of late too far off base...if you wanna tell a believable "story" stick to what you in actual fact know.
I would appointment the police. Kids say things that upset adults at times but there is no reason to hurt a child similar to this.
I seriously doubt a 3 year old would voice that, much less know that kind of foul language.
IF this really happen and someone assualted your child this way, file a restraining order, press charges for assualt on a minor and go and get this loser out of your life.
should have called the police instead so I'm wondering if this isn't really a troll. for the record if my boyfriend ever hit one of my kids I'd enjoy him arrested and I'd leave his sorry *** and the last thing I would be worried nearly is where he was or why he wasn't picking up his phone.
I think your lying... But if my boyfriend ever hit my child and wasn't playing similar to tapping them or something his @zz would be in jail and I would exchange blows him even if he hit me. Why does your toddler even know words like ****.You need to get a time!
Call the police immediately. Never see that *&^$$ again. He needs to pick on someone his own size
Agree with the above. If it were true, he'd have be arrested by now. And your 3 year old would have an amazing speech skill. Do you think you're clever or funny writing about child abuse? Report!
Your boyfriend is supposed to be the adult here. No matter what your child said, your boyfriend may not hit your child, and certainly not until he's bleeding. You obligation to lose this guy fast. No need to call him. If you see him, you involve to tell him you can't be around him anymore. You will lose your son if Child Protective Services finds out that you rank spending your time with someone who behave like that above keeping your child safe. Children are killed by slighting adults: at three, he needs you to keep him safe. Is it worth risking your son's go to be with an abusive, short-fused guy?
If this were true, you would have called the police. You wouldn't fritter away your time and energy on Y/A!!
Call the police, file a report and then report a restraining order against him. If you let him back surrounded by the house or around your child you can be charged with failure to protect your son.
This story is a bunch of BS. I dare somebody to play the drums my child, boyfriend or no boyfriend, his @ss would be dead.
Oh please...this is so made up! Your son is 3 and says **** off? He is able to right to be heard he doesn't know anything about my daddy? Why didn't you call the police?

Seriously...get a natural life!

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