My kid a moment ago ate a candy wrapper! What do I do?

I tried getting it out of her mouth, but she swallowed it before I could grab it. It was one of those hershey's miniatures wrappers. She's almost 2. What would you do?? Please aid!!
Relax! he wont die! its ok!
as long as she hasnt choked on it and it hasnt got stuck contained by her throat then she will be fine, it will come out in her poo within a few days. my youngest daughter took bites sour a couple of crayons once and she had very colourful nappies afterwards lol just relay her its not good to swallow wrappers
Answers:    It will pass, Don't worry.
trust me, that will not be the last entry she may swallow. my son swallowed a dime once and I didn't even know it until I changed his diaper, Yes, I freaked!. I felt like awful mother to allow this to happen and why didn't I see him put it surrounded by his mouth. You cannot always see what they put in their mouths every second.
Enjoy your little girl.

Mother of 4 grown boys
Not to worry. A good friend of mine ate a rice krispy treat (much larger than a small candy wrapper) with the wrapper still on. It of late passed the next day. She'll be fine.
Its okay. Breathe. I used to eat pennies when I was little. They never hurt me. She will be fine. It will stir through her system will little to no problems. My daughter is two and puts everything in her mouth. Just make sure there isn't other things she can put surrounded by her mouth lying around.
It will pass through..It shouldn't be a big agreement just be grateful she didn't choke on it.
SHe will probably crap it out. Dont worry more or less it, as long as she isn't choking. If she is, then take her to the hospital!!
wait a couple of days it will come out in the toilet

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