39 weeks pregnant. . cervix still closed ?

My doctor checked me today. I'm still closed and set my induction date for August 7th. I really don't want to get induced. Could my cervix just open up right away and I dance into labor? Or my water just break?

I really want to avoid an induction, I heard most of them ruin up in a c-section.

Please help.
try walking a lot, squatting, drinking red raspberry leaf tea,(6-7 bags surrounded by 2 hours) have sex, and nipple stimulation. (5 mins on one side 5 on the other for 4 hours)

this should start your labor and dilation.
your cervix could still open i didn't unfurl up until 39 weeks and two days before my due date i went into labor. anything can happen it depends on when your little one is ready you should try walking around alot if you feel like it. that's what i did. Source(s): unknown momma as of july 21st!
Answers:    Some women don't dilated at all and after boom go into labor. So anything is possible. However your fears about c section from mortal induced are not all correct. I know this because I had the exact same fears as you. I am being induced Thursday. If you hold not dilated any they will give you a medicine 24 hours in finance to help "ripen" your cervix (efface/dilate). Then you will go to the hospital to be given pitocin. If you start to dilate between down and your induction you have like mad LESS chance of c section. Make a list of question for your Dr. It will put your mind at ease a lot. I was dilated 1cm and %50 efface for 3 weeks with no changes. We then tried everything to induce labor such as lots and lots of sex, riding on bumpy roads, nipple stimulation and ingestion spicy foods. I then dilated to 3cm. Either way just realx and coach yourself the best you can. And walk and have sex as much as possible. Good luck!

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