How far along until I really start to show and its noticable and how long until I can touch the kid see?

As far as maternity clothes go, most of that stuff looks very not contained by style and I want to continue to look stylish as long as I can.

I bought a pair of low rise jeans the other day surrounded by hopes they will work. (I can't believe though how expensive maternity clothes are though) I wish I could keep wearing regular clothes
When you start to show depends on your body type. If your smaller build, then you could start showing right away. If your larger, later it could take a bit. It also depends on if it's your first child. When you start to feel your baby move, again depends...I feel my daughter move slightly around 14 weeks, but then she's do 3 or 4 days and I would feel nothing. Then around 20 weeks she really started moving to the point I could discern her.

As far as maternity clothes go try looking online at like or even Fashion I found some really cute motherliness clothes, and I always look in style I think. I am lone 20, so style is important. Also maternity clothes are much more expensive then regular clothes. Some of the "newborn doll" tops work quite well for maternity clothes. I wore my regular XL shirt size the unbroken time I was pregnant. My t-shirts were a little tighter, but I still wore them. My pant were XL too before and during. I think I spent 100 bucks total on motherliness stuff. I got like 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and a fastener up hoodie at Walmart.
I started to show around 16 weeks, formerly that it just looked like I ate to much. When I was around 13 weeks I started buying clothes that looked approaching they would fit most of the way thru my pregnancy. I bought some cargo pants that be like 4 sizes to big before I got pregnant and they have the tie thing at the top and I can still wear them at 27 weeks. When you buy shirts just make sure they are longer than mundane. Some of the tank tops now are longer anyway. Just look for clothes that look comfy and you might have to buy 1 or 2 twosome of maternity pants but not many. They own different styles of maternity clothes at different stores too. If you have a Ross, they have some cheap motherliness clothes that don't look like they are. Just remember if you decide to buy them don't buy to many cuz your not going to wear them after you enjoy the baby.

You can feel the baby move around 18 weeks but it would be strong plenty to feel without putting your hand on it until around 21 weeks.
Answers:    I started to show around 15 weeks. And it be literally over night! I just randomly woke up one morning near my little baby bump. I was so excited! And instead of getting maternity pant i just got a bella band and wore it next to my regular jeans. But i only gained weight within my belly so that worked for me. Some people gain weight all over tho and can't fit within their regular clothes. Try Motherhood Maternity if there's one where you live. They have really cute clothes. Also try Old Navy. Congrats on ur baby!
well as soon as your pants start to surface alittle tight switch to maternity pants or pants next to elastic. I started to show around 5 months. of course before paw you look like you gained wieght in your tummy nouns, but no one will actually think your pregnant unless you explain to them. around 5 months is when everyone without a doubt will know your carrying a little mini you.
with every pregnancy its different, i believe i feel my son move when i was 4 months pregnant. i couldnt be sure at first cuz it just felt resembling a little poke inside. You will most likely feel your child moving past you go to bed, or when you take time to rest. Oh and i first felt my son see my hand. towords the end of my 4th month.
You can start to show as precipitate as 13 weeks (i 'popped' at 17)
before then it is just bloating.
I feel my first 'flutters' at 13 weeks 3 days
First kicks 17 weeks 3 days
and my partner felt her kick for the first time at 21 weeks 3 days

Maternity clothes aren't obligatory. but i have to say at around 15 weeks i had to start wearing parenthood jeans because i was uncomfortable. Tops, dresses and skirts i just wear a size or two bigger :] Source(s): 21 weeks 4 days next to a little Girl :]
I cannot tell you when this will happen for you. But I can share MY experience.

I am currently 17w5d. I still wear all my pre-pregnancy clothing. My jeans are most comfortable beside a belly band. I think I have for a moment baby belly and that it is noticable. This happened at about 16 weeks.

I've be feeling my baby (little flutters) for over a week now. Yesterday, my husband be able to feel a small poke when touching my belly. Baby was consciousness extra energetic or something. Some days I dont feel it.
I have my bump @ 16 weeks...before then I just looked somewhat bloated (and felt that way!)...I could NOT wear my regular clothes @ 20 weeks...You can probably get away near buying just maternity pants...regular tops look cute when stretched over the bump :) Might stipulation a couple looser numbers for when you get to your 31 weeks and onward...

First kicks showed up (just barely) at 15 weeks and get stronger by the day... Source(s): Baby girl due 9/23/2009 (32 weeks tomorrow)
it depends, each persons different. some never show some show early some show unpunctually. i started popping out at week 23 or 24. so really just the last week or 2 is when it became in full view. but clothes wise whenever they start not fitting, usually its the second tri mester and the baby kicks anywhere from 14 weeks-22 weeks some next. i also dont wear maternity clothes, i wear bigger jeans, i just borrow my sisters clothes since shes a little bigger than me, or my husbands workout shorts and sweats
Ck eBay, CraigsList and consignment stores to save $$ on cute parenthood! A must that will help alot is a NOT get the knock-offs (not worth the few $$ saved!)...the indisputable Bella will be great at helping you wear unzipped or rolled down slacks/jeans you have in your closet for a while; after, it's a great support. They come in lots of colors, but start near a white one--can be worn to create a layered look, too. If you (or someone you know) can sew, can always cut out the zippered portion of some jeans you can part /w (don't want to destroy your fav's, if doesn't work). Then, can experiment and try sewing contained by an elastic panel---you'll enjoy a month or two after, too, if it works.

It's up to your body when you'll start having a bump to have power over, first baby or not...some show earlier, some later.

I feel both my babies move at only a bit over 4 mos...everyone said, "oh, that's just gas". Was not---distinctly different and I KNEW, but everyone's different on this issue too. Think 5 mos is the norm for most; on this concern and all others for the entire pregnancy, never abate to ask doc whatEV you want...that's what you're paying him/her for! Best to you!!

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