29 week survival rate...?

Just wanting to know what the stats say for a unborn child to come out premature @ 29 weeks? Great or small...?
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In general, the closer to the due date that a babe is born, the better his or her chances are for being born healthy. Even a few days or weeks can form a huge difference: A baby born at 23 weeks has only a 10 to 35 percent adjectives of surviving and greater than 50 percent chance of a long-term disability. At just 25 weeks, survival improves to between 50 and 80 percent, and the probability of a long-term disability drop to between 15 and 25 percent. At 27 to 29 weeks, survival rates are above 90 percent, and disability rates fall to less than 10 percent. Between 34 and 37 weeks, survival rates are excellent (greater than 98 percent), and chances of long-term disability are slim -- smaller quantity than 5 percent.

Certain complications are very common -- almost universal -- among preemies. These include sleep apnea (when breathing stops during sleep), trouble drinking (because of weak and uncoordinated muscles), and jaundice (yellowish skin because the liver isn't working efficiently). Other common problems include abdominal hernias, acid reflux, breathing difficulties, unusual blood sugar regulation, and heart development that remains incomplete.

If your baby has any of these conditions, the medical providers within the NICU will treat them and teach you how to care for your baby at home until they enjoy resolved. These common conditions are usually short-term complications. If your baby was markedly premature (before 28 weeks) he or she may have additional problems that may be more severe or take longer to overcome.


So roughly, 90% although you have to anticipate early complications, and a fairly epic stay in NICU-usually until around baby's original due date.
But a lot of these statistics are individual luggage dependant. If you have a bigger healthier baby, patently this is less risky than having a smaller sicklier baby.

Hope this help!

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