"Yes, you are approximately 33 day(s) late" - !! Neg preg question paper?!?

How many of you had negative testing results before finding out you were actually pregnant?
I've taken a few test, as well as one blood test July 14. Last test I took be July 24. all NEGATIVE.
this is very rare for me. I have a miscarriage in April, following a very normal length in may.

I just took this test online:

Are You Late?
Yes, you are approximately 33 day(s) slowly.

It has been 64 days since the first day of your ultimate menstrual period.

Answers:    If you're this late and still getting negative pregnancy test, you are not pregnant. A blood test would have been accurate as it can detect pregnancy after 8-10 days ancient ovulation. They are highly sensitive and highly accurate. Perhaps your very delayed time is caused by your miscarriage (sorry for your loss, btw). You should make an appointment with your doctor to find out what is going on near your period. Good luck, and I know how you feel...I've been 43 days unpunctually before with all refusal tests. Last year, I had a period on June 21, 2008 and didn't bring another period until September 4th, 2008. It stressed me out so much I still remember the dates!! lol anyways, good luck!!

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