Anyone know Walmarts return policy short a reciept?

I just had a baby shower and get a lot of the same things. But because it was adjectives gifts I don't have any receipts. Do they still take anything back or do you enjoy to have a receipt now?
I've always found Walmart to be great at taking things back without a getting. Of course you get store credit, but really, there's a ton of things you can use a walmart gift card for.

One thing I forgot!

What I did be return diapers I got at my own baby shower, got my walmart contribution card, bought some stuff with it, and then ended up have to return THOSE things, and they gave me cash for the return. This happened twice, so there's a round roughly way around the system to get your cash.

I've never have an issue with returning more than a particular number of items in a year in need a receipt.
Walmart's policy is much more liberal than other places. (Target >.>) When you go to return the items, you need your I.D. If your items were fragment of a registry from there, bring your registry papers. You will get store credit for your items put onto a walmart gift card. Also, it is impressive to know that without a receipt, the monetary value of your items will be the lowest price for yesteryear 60 days or depending on the store the current price. It is usually whatever is the lowest. Source(s): I have returned without a bill before. I had the wrong receipt the other time, be returning curtains that were the wrong size but brought the right sized receipt. The employee told me the lowest price policy as i solitary got half back of what I remunerated two days prior. I have worked at other stores with similar return policies.
you will get store credit
They will take anything back, even if you don't own a receipt. If you don't have your receipt they will confer you a Walmart gift card. You will have to show your ID so take that beside you.

Take everything back at once though, bc you can only return items without a tally 3 times in a year. They will key in your driver's license number respectively time to keep track. Even if you go to other stores, it will show up.

I have never be treated badly when I returned an item without a receipt. (I enjoy four kids, so we have a lot of They don't care. Especially if you come surrounded by there pregnant with a bunch of baby shower gifts within gift bags. They do this everyday. If someone treats you bad, speak to a coordinator.
I expect you could probably trade it all in for a gift card short a receipt.

Then you can just use that gift card for more toddler stuff, or even diapers.
The one in my town does, and you will get a endowment card. They make you give your name and sign a taking and if you return without a receipt more than 3 times in 6 months they wont agree to you do it anymore. You could call and ask before you go.
I think so but only exchange not a refund.
If you don't have a receipt and you don't exchange for like thing(say in a different size) then you get the current price of the item!!
They bequeath you store credit, they HATE doing it though, and they make a big deal out of it. So be prepared for the lady/guy to be a total * to you. They figure since you don't enjoy a receipt you MUST HAVE shoplifted it.
I worked there if it scans in the system you will gain in store credit as long as you are not in the system more then tree times near out an receipt you can not return a breast pump with out an receipt
they still take things stern.. however I think you are only allowed to do so many returns lacking a reciept within a year's time.. they will want your id to return the items. I dont know the full details on how many items, but if you do it adjectives together they'd probably accept it, expecially if you explain the situation.

You wont get cash for the returned items.. you will achieve a walmart gift card with the cash worth for the items.. but you can use the card at the store, at or at the gas station (if your walmart has one) Source(s): I work at walmart.
you dont hold to have a receipt. You will get a endowment card for the stuff you return.
They achievement like you are dirt if you don't have a receipt but they usually will filch back the stuff just that one time if you really are nice about it.
store credit on a endowment card
Answers:    I'm 99% sure that adjectives you have to do is take them back and notify them they were gifts and you don't want them. They will look at your driver's license and then they will give you a walmart card near the amount on it. Every walmart I've ever been to did it that way. Congrats on you new babe-in-arms :)
No receipt no returns or exchange

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