Smoking during pregnancy.NO RUDE ANSWERS!?

I am 35 weeks pregnant, and yes, I do smoke. I have cut down drastically, and even drink 10 glasses of water a sunshine, eat 3 servings of fruit and when I do smoke now, I only smoke partly and try not to inhale fully.
My doctor knows I smoke, and has said that as long as I cut down like I enjoy then he is happy. I am realaly trying to quite, and am running out of time. I do plan on breastfeeding and want to slightly completely before that.
I would like to hear from moms who have smoked during pregnancy. Did it do a low birth weight? Was your baby okay?
Also any tips you could give would be great.nice tips...:)
Thought I'd share my smoking story, maybe it will help you.

-Was a pack a day smoker since I be 15. (I'm 27 now)
-Found out in December I was 5 weeks pregnant. I quit cold turkey THAT DAY.

-this lasted roughly a month before I picked up smoking again. I made myself believe I HAD to because I was so stressed out with the morning sickness and everything.

-Smoked adjectives the way to my almost 8th month when I finally told my Dr I was smoking. She asked did I want her to scare me into quitting? I said sure, make a contribution it a try.

Then she goes on to tell me with every single drag, no issue how light, it calcium-fies the placenta. I can also look into my baby's eyes when she's born and try not to cry knowing that the reason she may be so little is because I put cigarettes ahead of her. Also, she would cry alot more as she went through cigarette with-drawls. How crazy is that? A newborn kid already having to go through with drawls?

I quit 2 days next and have been smoke free since. I'm due in 3 weeks. I'm not going to story to you, it was very hard at first and yes I still miss it, but every time my daughter kick, I smile because I can rest easy knowing that she is going to be ok and that I'm not doing ANYTHING that could potentially harm her.
smoking really isnt as dangerous as what people reflect on. yes it COULD cause problems but it doesnt most of the time. i know so many people that smoked while pregnant and the babys come out just fine. my cousin smoked and her baby was fine and my mom be a smoker and yes i was 5lbs at birth but i was also perfectly fine. i be just naturally small. my friend also smoked and her son was in recent times fine. theres nothing that has actually proven smoking to explanation anything, its just theory and potential problems.
People enjoy smoked crack & their babies turned out fine too so whats your point? You are taking a chance w/ your childs health & should be ashamed. I am so sick of people on here looking for reassurance b/c they aren't strong plenty to quit. I'm also sick of the idiotic dr's who tell people to "cut back" & I'm sick of the relations on here saying it's ok to smoke when pregnant. Ok, so maybe some people's kids may end up alright (even though I significantly doubt their respiratory system is as strong as a baby w/ a mother who didn't smoke), but I can't believe a mother would be so selfish to RISK any health condition w/ their child. I'm sitting here looking at my 6 week prehistoric & could cry thinking about him having a breathing problem or anything else. I had an umbilical cord problem & my little one was only 6lbs 3oz. The nurse said the cord looked like that of a smoker. The cord be all shriveled & small, meaning my baby wasn't getting what he needed to grow properly. I be devastated & still feel heart broken when I think of him inside me not getting what he needs. You are doing it planned to yours! You don't want to breastfeed & pass it to the baby yet you will directly inhale it on them? You do know that babies cough within the womb right? So sad. Also you have offically increased the risk of SIDS, every mothers nightmare. You are in for some long sleepless night of checking to see if your baby is breathing since you tripled the risk. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but citizens need to stop babying the mom & making her feel better & start thinking roughly speaking the baby breathing in the smoke too. Quit now!
It can be VERY unsafe for your child, as tobacco can get in their system. I suggest fully stopping. You should try Nicorette I hear it works economically.
Ah, someone like me. I think it's not the best piece to smoke while pregnant, but have had a very firm time quitting. I am almost 39 wks pregnant, and everything looks great for my baby. She is normal sized, moves alot, great heartbeat. I am also going to try to breastfeed. The doctors said it is alright to smoke while breastfeeding if you do it at certain times. What I am trying to do is since our hospital is a smoke free campus, and I'll be near for atleast 2 days, I am going to try and quit then, and I'm buying nicotene patches before I run so that after I wont be as tempted. Good luck!
I don't smoke. But my mom smoked with me and my two older sisters. Age 25, 24, and I'm 22. My sisters both weighed 7 lbs and some curious ounces and I was over 8 lbs. The ONLY thing the doctor had said to her be that when the mom smokes the baby's umbilical cord is slightly smaller then those of women who don't smoke.

And as for health problems in the adjectives, none of us are smokers, we don't have asthma or breathing problems, we weren't sickly children, or anything like that. Maybe my mom beat the likelihood with us?

I imagine it's very tough to quit smoking, and I commend you for cutting down. I see a lot of pregnant women smoking and they have well babies. Yes, there are a lot of health problems that can be cause from smoking, but nothing is set in stone. Doctors can't say "You WILL enjoy a small baby if you smoke". It's impossible to say it comes directly from smoking, because there are so tons other elements that play into it.

I would buy some sugar free candies, like loli pops or something and try to suck on them instead of smoking. Or even buy candy cigarettes and eat them instead of smoking. Try to change your routine, resembling if you smoke in the car, made a new compact disc and sing with the music (sounds dorky, could help though).

I know plenty of women that smoked during pregnancy and had stout babies. Hey, my mom had three! Good luck!
Answers:    I smoked during both my pregnancies and have 2 healthy girls both weighing 7 pounds and 7 pounds 1
they are now 3 and 7 near no health problems !
I hear ya. I smoked for about 9 years (a pack a day) when I got prego beside my 1st son. I just quit cold turkey around 12-ish weeks. I was a TOTAL B**CH for about 2 months. I'm not gonna slump... it totally sucked. This time I didn't quit completely until about 15 weeks. I quit when I was really sick and I didn't miss smoking at the time too badly. It's going to suck no business what so you'll just have to tough it out. This time I am planning on breastfeeding also so I am going to try to not start smoking again. You should really try now because the infant could becolickyy (?spelling?) and irritated from nicotine withdrawall. Good luck!
if you have cut final a lot, then that is flawless, and it would be good to quit before breastfeeding, but if you cant just be paid sure you smoke AFTER feeding your baby, and then by the time he/she requests to eat again the nicotine should be out of your system.
I don't smoke, but I own known plenty of people who have. I lived beside both of my aunts while they were pregnant with their kids. All total 7 kids, and their birth weights except one was ok but they be a little on the lower side. But all of them were "ok" except 3 of them have some problems, which they of course can't tell whether it was from smoking or something else. And their problems be:

One had a really low birth weight because apparently he quit growing at 5 months so he was merely 4 pounds and was in NICU for a while, but he's 13 and ok now

One have autism

And one had a large liver, but is okay now

But close to I said they were never sure if it was from smoking or something else.
I've been lucky and never picked the dependence of smoking up, but being around people who do smoke, I know that it is really hard to quit, or cut down a complete lot. And I applaud your efforts (considering I've known some people who don't even try even though they are pregnant) and I want you and your baby all the luck in the world!!
i quit, but my best friend didn't. she like you cut down. her baby was/is fine. she was born in good time 6 lb. 9 oz.
My daughter be born,and I was young and stupid,so I smoked a lot more than I should own. I've cut down with this one. I know my daughter was born at 7 lb 7 oz,and she was 22 inches long. I smoked resembling a pack plus a day,and she was fine. I don't do that with this one. My desire is to at least stop when I go into the hospital to have the newborn,and how I'm doing that is I'm not asking for the patch or anything,and just going cold turkey after I have the toddler. My baby was fine (my daughter) and she's now six,and have no issues. I wish I would have been competent to stop with this one early on,and I tried,but it wasn't as easy as some nonsmokers product it out to be.
I smoked fewer than 5 with both of my boys. My firstborn was 8 lb. 4 oz., 20" long and be a week late. My second son was 8 lb. 14 oz., 21" long, and two weeks early (his cord be around his neck and it was causing his heartrate to have nothing to do with my smoking). Both boys were (and still are) within the 90th percentile for everything--height, weight and head circumference, although they're 5 and 4 now, respectively, so the doctor no longer measures their head. :)) They're very healthy and incredibly bright children.

My doctor at the time knew I be smoking and told me to cut back as far as I could, but definitely smoke no more than 1/2 pack (10 cigs) per day. The studies that be done that proved it can cause low birth weight, etc., were done on women who smoked at most minuscule a pack per day.

Don't listen to all the jerks who bequeath you a bunch of sh*t about smoking. There are FAR worse things you could be doing to yourself than smoking a few per day. Obviously quitting completely would be optimal, but sometimes things just don't work out approaching that. Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes.

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