Do guys find a pregnant girl hot?

my hubby loves my growing belly! not sure why.. I have heard that in the ripened days.. men find women more attractive when they are able to bare children.. has something to do next to having big healthy families to backing on farms or to work and bring more money in? sounds weird but we hold definantly evolved from that era!! I seen this on the history channel..but who really knows how or why guys regard as the way they do! no pun intended :)
Guys in recent times like pregnant women because they know that they might be going through a rough time so will fall into their arms and fall for their crap. And later if they have sex they dont have to worry just about getting a you pregnant because you already are pregnant.
They just think they can get you into bed easier, and afterwards that be it. (Trust me I know cause while being pregnant I have gotten hit on like mad myself)
Nope lol The only reason they hit on you is because if you guys terminated up having sex, they wouldn't worry about getting you pregnant! Simple as that :)
I don't know about the guys but I wouldn't wanna be that baby whose mom is next to another guys other than the daddy.
1. Because they know she puts out
2. Because they can't get her pregnant.

It really just depends on the guy.
Not hot, but certainly beautiful.
You'd think but it is approaching a fetish for some guys.
You're getting somewhat too much male attention there!
I honestly think it's carnal, animalistic thing. A woman's objective is to capture pregnant and a man's is to get a woman pregnant, it's just our innate instincts to do so. When a man sees a pregnant woman, those animalistic desires come out, they piece it's beautiful and natural to see a woman's body doing what it's meant to be doing bar providing...aesthetic pleasure, but a home for a baby. Also, the woman's hormones are the through the roof which would send a man's spidey senses into overdrive, resembling when a women is ovulating times 10. This would explain the inexplicable fetish some men have for pregnant women. That's just what I think:)
i think some do and some find it repulsive

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