Can pregnant women be around cats?

Yes just avoid changing the kitty litter
Our vet explained to us that toxoplasmosis is from a parasite that lives temporarily (a few weeks) in a cat who goes outside and hunts/eats animals which carry the microorganism. The microbe comes out within the cat poop, but in order for a human to get it, the poop have to be outside the cat's body for 48 hours and you have to touch it without washing your hand afterward. The vet added that there is no proven case of women getting toxoplasmosis from cats; usually women ingest it after gardening, or eating rare meat (the same way a cat gets it!).

Our vet added that the one thing her obstetrician never talk to her about was toxoplasmosis and cats, because it's kind of a panic tactic. So, even though it's extremely unlikely that a person would ever actually get toxoplasmosis from a pet cat, it is still possible, so they want to cover adjectives the bases.

Of course, the world is a big enough place that right now, someone is picking up a 2-day-old cat poop beside her bare hands. :)

Still, I avoided the kitty litter my whole pregnancy. I also wore gloves while gardening, and cooked my meat thoroughly! Source(s): My vet, my own pregnancy
Yes, they can. Not all cats carry toxoplasmosis, and if you've had cats your together life, chances are you're immune to it anyway.

It's recommended that pregnant women not clean out the litter box, but if you hold to, don't get any feces on your hands, and scrub them thoroughly with soap and hot hose when you're finished. Source(s): Pregnant with my third child, I have two cats, am immune to toxoplasmosis, but I still make my husband verbs the litter box, lol.
yes, but you should NOT go in close proximity kitty litter. Have someone else clean and change the kitty litter. There is something in kitty litter, I don't remember what, to be exact harmful.
yeah, just not kitty litter
It was an old wives yarn about cats & pregnant women and cats & babies. Keep the cat.
yea im pregnant and i own a cat and hes been around me through my whole pregnancy, my husband changes the cat litter tho but if you enjoy to just wear gloves and a mask but it will be ok
I hear that it`s not good...I don`t remember why...but My sister had to get rid of her cat when she be pregnant.
Yep, just stay away from the kitty litter box.have your partner cash the litter, it will be good practice for him, haha
Uh yeah, why not?
Yup, you just can't change the kitty litter and be exposed to the toxins from it.

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