In the state of Kentucky, Am i automatically Emancipated because I'm pregnant?

I'm 16 Years old and i've recently found out I'm pregnant. My Home life isn't somewhere i would want to put on a pedestal my baby, I have a place to stay with my boyfriend and family circle has agreed to support me financially. Are these grounds to become emancipated? Would i be better off to marry young? Would i hold to go threw court? Thanks for the help, I really need it.
to be Emancipated you would have to go through Court b/c you are legitimately becoming an adult before 18 so they would have to money things in your record. If home life isn't the greatest than that can be somewhat of a ground to be emancipated from. If i be you i would look online for the requirements to be emancipated in your state.

As for the marriage part i don't see a problem. If you truly love your partner and he loves you than marriage ceremony has no age and i say go for it.
Good Luck and i hope this help and everything works out
You would have to check next to the laws in your state and probably speak to an attorney.

Just because you don't think your home time isn't a place where you want to raise a baby isn't going to be ample to become emancipated.

You'll need to show actual need. And pregnancy isn't enough.

Also depending on the age precincts in your state, you would probably need parental permission to marry youthful.

Consult with an attorney. Good luck.
I would definitely look it up. I was told by the lady at my clinic that because I'm below 18 and pregnant, I'm legally emancipated. But that's here in Utah, Kentucky may be way different. Good luck!
If you do some of your own research, there are quit a few states that you can get married when you are preg. young. but nearby are also states that you still need permition from your gaurdians. I'd just check it out personaly for your state because it seems they're adjectives different.
and as for the emancipation thing, your guess is as good as mine. sorry
apt luck and congrads!!
Answers:    Emancipation law, and pregnant minor laws are different.

Generally, pregnant minors do have rights that are very similar to the rights of an full-grown. They have the right to control their own health, and they have the right to brand name decisions for their baby. In other words, a pregnant minor's parents could not force the minor to have an abortion, or endow with the baby up for adoption, or make medical decisions for the child.

However, to be legally emancipated you would have to go to court and prove that you are self-sufficient. Since you would hold to live with your boyfriend's family, you aren't self-sufficient (being self-sufficient means that you earn adequate money on your own to financially take care of all your needs)

You might a moment ago try talking to your parents about wanting to live with your boyfriend's house. It might help if you agree to continue going to school, or at lowest get your GED. A little community college or state college couldn't hurt either.

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