lb190 Grant & Healthy Start Vouchers.?

Hi all,

Can anyone help me im actually confused more or less this cos I sent the form off for the Healthy Start Vouchers and (I think the lb190 comes with that im not sure) but when ever I look online on websites going on for Healthy Start Vouchers it doesn't say anything about the lb190 I was wondering is the lb190 separate from the Healthy Start Vouchers or not. I hold heard of people getting theirs shortly after sending theirs off and I sent mine stale on the 19th of July and still not heard anything back about it nonetheless.
Hi the lb190 healthy preganancy grant is seperate you should ask your midwife for the form once you are 25 weeks and you send it sour it should take around 6 weeks.
The healthy start vouchers take around 6 weeks to come through as they dispatch you a months worth at a time, there should be a phone number on the booklet just phone them up and ask to check on you application.
They are diffrent things the vouchers you can return with as soon as you are pregnant but the grant you apply for when you are 25 weeks or more and you get the form of your midwife.When i appleid for my vouchers it took about a month to come through and i am presently waiting on my grant (lb190) Sent of for it about a week ago so shouldnt be to long.Congratz on the pregnancy xxx
The healthy start isn't base on income everyone is entitled to it ( apply for it at 25 weeks ) but the surestart grant (lb500) is based on income and you apply for that at 29 weeks but not everyone is entitled to that one hope i helped. x Source(s): 27 weeks beside little boy x
Answers:    It appears that these are different. The health in pregnancy grant (190) is run by the inland revenue - see hmrc website below and the other is the NHS. They are applied for separately. Ot somewhat depends on how many weeks pregnant you are and the healthy start is based on income. Source(s):…
i am 20 weeks pregnant and i am waiting for my lb190 you get it when you are 25 weeks pregnant

Don't deduce the vouchers come with the lb190 they
come separate.

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