Does every woman's belly button poke out when they are preggers?

Before I was pregnant I weighed about 165-175. It depended on how much I would gain and lose. My body is bizarre to weight. But, I stand at 5'11 so I am just average. Like most women I have a inny belly button; do adjectives of our belly buttons pop out? Outies kind of gross me out, ha ha. When do they usually "pop?" I am 22w+5d so far.
Aw I loved my pregnancy outie! I think it really popped around week 25 Source(s): Mommy to 15 daytime old baby Colin
well mine half popped out at 24 weeks, and then completely at 29 weeks.

not adjectives women pop out when they are pregnant - sometimes ur bellybutton will just go flat, but i have popped out next to both this one and my son - i think it makes a woman look really and truly pregnant and its cute - i love it! and i also love the linea nigra cuz i look really and truly pregnant now (not that i didnt earlier cuz i'm 7 months)
no all womans belly buttons pop out... mine never did and still hasnt :)
well i have a pretty gaping belly button, im 31 weeks, and its not quite an outtie yet, but its getting there, Im hoping it pops out, its a element of pregnancy and i want to experience it all! :)
Answers:    Mine popped around 24 weeks and I am pretty slim. I am grossed out by them too but it happens very slowly so it's not approaching you wake up one morning and it's suddenly there. It feels like peas in a pod too. Don't worry about it. It goes right hindmost afterward!
It happends at different times for different women, some women it doesnt happen at all. Its not a big deal though. Its in actual fact cute during pregnancy, not gross :)
im 37 weeks pregnant, and mine only popped out about 3 weeks ago.
yes i have an inny and im 5'6 and 123 lbs, mine did with adjectives my pregnancies at about 6-7 months! i had a staright outy until my last 4-6 weeks next my belly button just meshed with my tummy lol!
Some peoples never pop out. My belly button is starting to do a funky thing where it looks like the top element over my belly button is sticking out. I don't even know how to explain it but it's so weird!
Nope. i had an innie and its stayed that means of access and im 39 weeks :) ... actually... now its not really anything at all lol.. its purely kinda flat now.. like i dont have an innie or outtie. XD
Last time I was pregnant it never happened- and I had him at 41 weeks. This time I am 40 weeks 1 hours of daylight and it's still in. It is a little less vast than it used to be though.
I hope not, I dont want an "outie"!!
nope.. mine is jst completely flat.. doesn't look like i even have one anymore hehe...
if she moves into a weird position i can see it stick out a tiny bit but mostly its freshly flat like the rest of my stomach
my belly button was so philosophical i am 35 weeks pregnant and mine is alomost popped out but not quite

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