Bleeding after sex 35 weeks pregnant?

I had the worst pregnancy scare yesterday. My husband and I were have sex, and I started gushing blood! I immediately went to the hospital they said it was most expected from a broken blood vessel in my cervix. Im also 1cm dilated and 25% effaced.
Anyone else have this?? holy terrifying!

Also does anyone wake up with really painful fingers and hand?? I keep doing it every night..

And what can i do for these stupid leg pains I get? And should i be worried?? here not really cramps just kinda pains that come and go
that never happened to me when i be pregnant after sex and i never had the sore fingers or hands but those are normal... and for leg pains, i other had them at night but i slept on my side and with a body pillow between your legs help a lot!! well it helped me anyway!! congratulations and well brought-up luck! Source(s): mother of 4 month babygirl
havent have the bleeding after sex but I wasnt really allowed or supposed to have sex very often. I do draw from the painful fingers and hands during the night and they dont bother me adjectives day. (they have recently started getting itchy during the day but not like at night) No one has ever be able to tell me exactly why...
Answers:    that sounds scary... i in truth looked that up this morning though, because the same thing happened to me later night (although i'm only 6 weeks). I guess you are much more susceptible to bleeding after/during sex while pregnant due to the fact that in attendance is a huge increase of blood flow to the pelvic area to support the pregnancy. think of it like a hose balloon; the fuller it gets, the easier it is to pop it.
hope that helps, good luck!

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