Transvaginal Ultrasound at 17 weeks?

Ok so i went to my first prenatal appt. yesterday at 12 weeks 5 days. They listened to the heartbeat (which was so amazing) but that be it. No blood drawn or anything til the 19th.

But anyways they scheduled me a sonogram/ultrasound for September 3rd and the lady tells me don't verbs about having a full bladder it will be a transvaginal. I will be exactly 17 weeks when i go.

Why that one and not a regular sono? Anybody enjoy this happen? They didnt say anything about a tilted uterus or anything.
a transvaginal ultrasound is much more accurate than a regular sono, some doctors merely prefer it.
i found out the sex of my baby at 12 weeks with an abdominal (usual) ultrasound. that does nouns odd that they are giving you a transvaginal one when you are further along than 8 weeks which is the last transvaginal i got. who know they might get a good look with the TransV so i wouldnt verbs about it unless the picture stinks maybe then find a latest doctor or ask about it.
Answers:    Have you have any LEEPs? They might be wanting to measure you cervix length to make sure all is closed and lofty. That is kinda strange though. That is the only reason I got a trans vag that behind time.
ETA : LEEPS are procedures to remove pre-cancerous cells from the cervix. You would have had a pap come rear abnormal.
They can't do the tranvaginal ones past 13 weeks, your uterus pops up and out and they won't be able to see the newborn.

Maybe she made a mistake? I would definitely call your doctors office and ask them what's up.
i have har two of those. idk why i just muse its what they do
It's kinda at the doctors discretion.
Some places use transvag, and some use original.
No biggie.
Because of where the baby usually sits at that time of a pregnancy, it is easier for them to see adjectives they need to with a transvaginal one. Also, it allows for a better view of the uterus and the cervical nouns to make sure all is good next to those as well.

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