Is near a difference beside digital and regular pregnancy test?

i took the ept pregnancy test last night that said 'PREGNANT' after an hoour or so later and also this morning i did 'first response' regular preg tests (just shows the little line or two lines) and those said cynical. im wondering if there is more accuracy in the digital one than the other? im glad i get negatives but that positive digital test is getting to me..
Kinda sounds like you are pregnant.

If you got both of the lines on the first response that finances pregnant.

One line means not pregnant.

So the first response sounds like it said pregnant. Source(s): 34 weeks pregnant next to a baby girl

And I used EPT digital and first response at the same time and both came up positive!
Hmm, did you read the instructions on the first response test? Not being funny but the reason they invented the digital ones be because so many people misread the meaning of their assessment and having to buy loads of different types of tests. There isnt much chance of mistaking pregnant/not pregnant which is why loads of family go for those tests.

It is nearly impossible to get a false positive but can be profusely easier to get a false negative such as using the test too soon or reading it wrong etc etc.

I would draw from another brand of test and read the instructions etc etc if it comes out negative the digital one may have simply been faulty, but if you get a positive next i would go to the docs. Good luck
Answers:    I took four pregnancy tests that adjectives came out negative then 2 days after that I took and EPT and it said Pregnant. I would say that without a doubt EPT tests are means of access more accurate. I am now 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant with baby number 3. The test with lines are often hard to read and can efficiently be misinterpreted. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!

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