Cold chicken while pregnant?

I bought some fried chicken from the store the other day, and I was wondering if it was okay to guzzle it cold? Obviously it's already been cooked, but if its been in the fridge adjectives night, is it still okay to eat? I dont want to heat it up within the microwave because it looses its flavor.

Since youre not allowed to eat cold lunchmeat or hotdogs cause of listeria, I be wondering if this is the same concept...?
No it's totally ok to drink it because it had been fully cooked...
It's fine being that it be already fully cooked. And by the way, you CAN eat cold lunch meat...I do all the time.
Answers:    you can its safe, as far as listeria its very especially rare and very over done. the chances of getting it are incredibly slim but it was something that was blown up to freak people out. i guzzle hot dogs all the time and my baby is just fine and i do guzzle lunchmeat as well. i wouldnt worry.
i have be eating cold chicken with all my pregnancies my midwife said it be fine

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