16 weeks pregnant near mucus discharge and cramping?

I am 16 weeks pregnant, and all day yesterday I had time like cramping and a stringy mucus discharge sometimes with a tint of yellow to it. It stopped yesterday evening, I woke up today and I am still have cramping, this is my first pregnancy so I am not quite sure what is "normal", also I have been getting a great deal of lower back pain. I called the doctor something like an hour ago and I am awaiting a call back from a prenatal nurse. Until she calls, any counsel or what this could be?
Its run of the mill you get increased discharge in pregnancy. Also sometimes it can be a little bit of mucus plug but dont verbs they regenerate. They will prob tell you unless its bloody mucus not to worry, mine was slightly pink and they have me come in but i was fine. I still get yellowish/whitish mucus and its average.
Cramping during pregnancy is normal, especially at 16 weeks as your uterus is getting bigger and bigger to house baby (and your cervix is still shifting and growing). It is also conventional to have increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy, as long as it is not tinted with pink or red, then everything is fine.

Answers:    As the uterus grows, muscles and tendons get stretched and you'll have menstrual like cramping. Increased discharge is completely ordinary too, you may also get a stuffy nose, this is all due to extra fluids and hormones, and a moment ago a "joy" of pregnancy. Haha. As long as there is no bleeding, really watery discharge, or leaking later things are probably fine.

I would bring it up to the doc, and even be seen just for peace of mind. The stress of wondering or worrying is no good for mommy or little one :) Source(s): Mommy of 2 and 36 1/2 weeks prego with #3

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