Just found out I'm pregnant... but why am I cramping?

I found out three days ago and 2 tests were positive. I can't be far along, because my last time of year started July 2nd.
I have been slightly cramping though ever since then, and even in the past.
It makes me really nervous because I had one miscarriage in the past.. And I really don't want to lose this one. But I'm not spotting at all... Not even faintly pink.
My mom says this is average. But seriously... What causes it?
How long does it last? And most importantly... How can I Be SURE everything is ok?
You are about 3 days ahead of me and I'm due on april 10th... so you'd be freshly over 4 weeks pregnant now, and due around the 7th.

As for the cramping, it's totally normal to have some mild discomfort... there's abundantly going on in your uterus remember!!

As for being sure everything is ok, well, it's not so effortless. You just need to relax and trust that things will be fine. If you do experience spotting then capture checked out. A small amount of spotting is ok, but if it is red (now blood) and more than about the size of the ring you can make with your thumb and index finger, after it's best to be sure and get checked out.

Best wishes
Spotting is call implantation bleeding. it occurs when the fetus implants itself to the uterus wall. so when its burrowing in, for a moment bit of blood might fall, but implantation bleeding should NEVER be bright red, it should be a light pinkish colour or brown & only evident when you wipe yourself with toilet paper. it can last for in the order of 1-3 days but not all women experience this. 1 in 3 people it will ensue to. Im really happy that you conceived again & im sorry to hear about your miscarriage, im sure that this baby will win to make it! :)) i will pray for you tonight for everything to be all alright ok? Good Luck! how exciting!?? take strictness xXx Source(s): Children; ''Lifes Most Precious Gift''

it's normal.
so don't worry
and make a doctors appointment and speak to your doctor
Cramping within early pregnancy is totally normal and very adjectives. I'm pretty sure its caused by your uterus stretching. I had moderate and sometimes severe cramping throughout my first trimester with my daughter and she is very soon a healthy almost 4 month old.
Try not to worry yourself too much. It is startling when theres no way to know for sure whats going on in there. Best of luck next to everything! :)
Answers:    It is just stretching pains, or round ligament pains. It may end throughout the whole pregnancy, or it may not..I tend to change from week to week and the pains change respectively time.
Dehydration can cause it to become worse, but if you are ever worried you should talk to your doctor, esp if you have a history of miscarriage
It is normal to cramp because your uterus is growing. As long as there is no sharp pains next to bleeding, u should be fine. I had period like cramps up until in the region of 10 weeks. I was also worried because I had an early miscarriage right past getting pregnant. Good luc kto you.
cramping is totally normal as long as it isn't painful or follwed by blood or tissue. I had cramping and to be exact why i didn't take a test until I was 6 weeks along, i be so sure i was going to get my period until i be 2 weeks late.

call a doctor because its not normal cramping is signs of a M/C
Cramping is normal during early pregnancy. However, if it's sharp, occurring on one side, or you get bleeding - you have need of to be evaluated. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure that everything is okay is when you go to your OB for the first ultrasound and confirmation of pregnancy. Good luck and congrats!! =))

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