What reason would your doctor induce you labor?

bad how far along would it be safe
If there be any problems then a baby can be born at 36 weeks. most doctors just do it because its convenient. If you stir over your due date then they induce so you dont have a huge baby. i say-so let nature do its work and the baby will come when it is all set!
I am getting induced this wednesday because of preeclampsia, which is cause by high blood pressure and can make the mother very sick, the singular cure is to have the baby . If the mothers health is at great risk they induce whenever they own to. Other reasons for inductions are when people go chronological their due date, or your water breaks and contractions dont begin on their own, The baby is going to be too big, or sometiems you can ask for an induction after 39 weeks in attendance are probably more reasons thats all i can think of . i surmise 27 weeks is sort of the begining of when they are able to survive outside the womb i am not positive though.. but it is deffinately not safe.. honestly the only locked time is after 37 weeks, ofcoarse all babies develop at different rates
i was induce when i was 42 weeks, and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.
High Blood Pressure was for my son I got induced at 34 weeks & my daughter was not getting adequate nutrition and was induced at 38 weeks. Doctors are only going to induce if it is medically necessary or newborn is in danger, or if your overdue more than a week. August 31st is not that far away, it will be here befoer you know it, Good Luck and Congrats!
Around here doctors will induce upon request at 39 weeks. Ask your doctor. His policy and his hospital may diverge.
Anything that risks the health of the mother or the baby including:
* overdue
* toxemia
* fetal distress
* GD in some cases
i was induced at 38 weeks because brody was big, my OB give me the option, she wasnt really worried about it either bearing. she will induce anyone that has had a normal respectable pregnancy once they are 39 weeks. reasons for induction can be anything from just wanting to be induced, gestational diabetes, PUPPS, big baby, sciatica, or anything for the mothers or babys condition. like i said, my doctor would induce anyone after 39 weeks if they just wanted to be induced. a short time ago ask your doctor what her office policy is or hospital policy is on induction. many doctors wont induce until your due date, some wont until a week after.

brody was born at 38 weeks weigh 7lbs10oz...so he would have been a biggun. and i had 3 internal tears, an episiotomy, and 2 tears on respectively side of my vagina. after he was born my OB said i would have probably had to own gotten a C section if i would have waited until my due date, but she also said she doubted i wouldve made it to my due date since i be already 3cm...i probably wouldve gone into labor soon anyways.
after full term which is 37 weeks.. and usually they induce because they mite think the baby is contained by danger or when you are a few days after your due date
Answers:    They will induce at any time if your health or the baby's condition is at risk. If it is a purely elective induction, for no medical reason whatsoever, then most will not induce until you pass your due date by at tiniest a few days or a week. Some doctors will induce at 39 weeks, but not many. Hospitals usually have policies in place prohibiting elective inductions prior to 39 weeks. A easily occuring labor should always be the goal because it is safest for you and your baby unless other medical conditions develop.
fetal stress and preeclampsia are the two that are definites. I was induced for the second one nominated.
doctor would want to induce you if they think you don't have plenty blood or when you're near your due date or pass your due date.
They are not gonna induce you only because you want them to

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