Dental x rays while pregnant!?

i just had x ray today
i am 23 weeks pregnant!
is this going to wound my baby?
i already asked the dentist and they said it is safe!
has anyone else get x rays while pregnant?
small x-rays are safe trust your doctors on in this case your dentist they go to school! only avoid x-rays of larger areas and/or your pelvis/stomach
i get them when i was pregnant. and my son turned out fine. did your obgyn have to write a note? mine did and she told them exactly what to do and what not to do, so that made me discern better. plus they put two shields on my belly to be safe. but because its up on your head it should be fine.
Answers:    dental xrays will definetly not harm the baby,. this is why they lay the lead this on your tummy and chest. the front doesnt let the xray penetrate it. baby will be okay:0
20 years ago i had to enjoy my wisdom tooth out and had to have an x streak while 30weeks pregnent and itis safe so plse dont worry about it and look forward to seeing your babe
I got 1 x-ray at 16 weeks and 5 days. The dentist, along next to my doctor said it was safe. Good dental Hygiene is important when your pregnant! As long as they covered you up next to the body shield thing (I don't know the technical name) you should be fine!
I Had One! It's Perfectly Fine! As Long As You Told Your Doctor In Advance Everything Should Be Okay!

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