Laying on stomach 2 weeks pregnant?

is there any certain time in your pregnancy specifically it not okay to lay on your stomach? When I do lay on my stomach it starts to hurt, so I was just wondering.
if you know your pregnant, then you defiantly would be more then 2 weeks. the light of day of a missed period indicates your about 4 weeks pregnant.
Anyway to answer your question, you can lay on your stomach if you will. Im only 8 weeks pregnant, and it does hurt to lay direct n my belly on hard surfaces, so I dont, but if there is no throbbing, there is no harm
im 15 weeks pregnant and its only just barely getting uncomfortable for me to lay on my stomach. you can lay on your stomach until its uncomfortable for you. if it hurts already.. consequently dont.. but i cnat think of any reason it would be hurting.. besdies just bloating. but dr's do reccomend that you lay on your vanished side if you can through out your pregnancy when you get further along. It creates better blood flow from you to your baby. becuase there is smaller number pressure on the arter (inferior vena cava, is what it's called)

Good luck!
you can lay on your stomach until it hurts or until you well can't anymore
your only 2 weeks pregnant? at that point you're ovulating.. ??

But to answer your give somebody the third degree, I laid on my stomach until it was uncomfortable to me. I think I be about 20 or 22 weeks pregnant when I couldn't really lay on my stomach anymore.. but if you are having pains, I'd suggest not doing it.

Best of luck .
When it hurts, it's a good hypothesis to start sleeping on your back or side.
My doctor told me that I can lay on my stomach until it becomes too discomfited. Laying on your left side it is apparently optimal and laying on your back can be fruitless in the later part of your pregnancy.
Anytime, pregnant or not, if it hurts to lay on your stomach, back, or side, try a different position to lay within. Once you have a baby bump, you shouldn't lay on your stomach whether it hurts or not.
Two weeks pregnant is like impossible to know... and I'm 17 weeks and still do it sometimes, not calculated because I wake up that way. It doesn't bother me though.
i other sleep on my tummy even 9 months pregnant, i cant help it, i try to put a pillow proped with my leg to the side to keep adjectives the weight off my tummy
Listen to ur body.Istoped when i started to grasp big and it just didnt feel confortable.
Answers:    I am 5 weeks, and totally uncomfortable when I lay on ,my stomach. However, it is PERFECTLY past the worst. Your baby is well cushioned in within! Source(s): Mommy to a 5 year old, 4 year old, 2 angel babies, and one blessing on the way <3

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