Did Castor Oil Work for you to Induce Labor?

I wanna know if you guys have tried using Castor Oil to induce labor? If so was it effective? Please I am desperate, and I enjoy taken 2 tbls but nothing seems to be happening at adjectives!
has not worked for anyone i know all it does is verbs you out really good!
All it is going to do is give you cramps and diarrhea. When women go into labor after taking it is coincidence. Plus 90% of women poop while pushing anyway and is diarrhea really something you want to deal next to in labor? Plus it can dehydrate you causing all giving of problems. Mother in distress can cause baby to be surrounded by distress. It isn't a good idea to try to induce yourself. Your baby know when it is time to come. When a baby's lungs are mature enough for birth, they secrete a hormone that tell the mother's body to start labor. Anytime you induce before that happens naturally, you are taking the unsystematic that your baby's lungs are not developed enough for birth yet.

Why do women avoid all kind of things to keep their baby safe for 9 months. Tuna, lunch meat, fleece dye, hot tubs, some won't even take a tylenol but are willing to ingest just give or take a few anything to get their baby out usually before their even due. No situation the possible risks. Unless you are 42 weeks along or there are medical complications...there is no reason to engineer your baby come before it is ready.
Answers:    It really only works if your body and baby are ready. It worked for me as economically as my SILs and MIL, they used it for all of their pregnancies. I only took it because I was a week and 3 days overdue, didn't want to be induced. I'm give or take a few in the same predicament right now, but don't discern like tasting that nastiness or have extreme bowel movements. Source(s): *B*T*
Mom of 1, 41w w/ #2!
Well i've heard and read so much stuff about it I wouldn't do it. I be told that it's not safe for the baby and then i've be told it's fine. So in my opinion I wouldn't take it only just incase it could harm the baby. Mother nature will pilfer it's course when your ready. Good Luck !
I won't even risk it. I'm 38 weeks,and I"m prepared as could be to go as well. Castor oil truly increases the risk that merconium could be passed by the baby into you. It gives women the runs,and makes them vomit even sometimes. Why risk something resembling that,just to go into labor? The baby will be here when he/she is primed,or the drs will induce if it gets to that point.

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