Paddled consequently getting a spanking?

I was over at my sister's house, when I observed something. Here's the thing. My neice got home where on earth she had to have my sister (her mom) sign the piece of paper letting her know that she have been paddled in school for cheating. Then, after she signed the document, I saw her take her into her bedroom, where a few minutes later I hear smacking sounds, and my neice crying loudly. I asked my sister if she had just spanked her daughter, and she said it was none of my buisness, but she did.
I be going to growing up we always got spanked, but I was never punished a SECOND time at home after I get padded at school! I think she didn't requirement to punish a 9-year-old a SECOND time for the same thing! Here's my question. If your child be already paddled in school, would you then spank your child at home for the entity they had already been punished for?

Note: I may have missed some sympathetic of agreement they may have had, but still, punished TWICE?
When I be younger (a very long time ago lol) My dad also believed in "Spanking at school, spanking at home." I remember I be also so scared to come home after a paddling at school. My dad always said the worst places to misbehave be at school or church.

After I had kids I realized why my dad have that rule. Teachers have to deal with just about 20 kids all day long. My kids know how to behave so if a note is sent home my kids grasp punished when they get home, which is most of the time a spanking.

Schools in my town don't paddle, so I know it's not really one and the same, but if the school paddled and my kids came home with a red bottom, they'd be going to bed next to a red bottom.
I think a lot of parents do that. The notion is to let the kid know the parents supports the school. The child isn't getting punished twice for the same article. The paddling at school was for breaking whatever rule they broke at conservatory. The spanking at home is for breaking the family's rule that the child take school seriously and be on their best behavior there.

I don't know why your sister said it be none of your business. If she believed that she could have waited until you left to spank the girl.
I hope that this is a bad banter. Of it isn't, then it's a horrible case of child abuse. And I will pray for that abused little girl. It's so horrible...what mode of "mother" is she? What kind of country allows schools to assault their kids? Really, I'm shocked...and speechless.
Where I live (southwest Missouri) spanking at home is common and paddling at institution is still allowed even in high school. Thankfully my parents never did what your sis did. Maybe your sister didn't conjecture the school spanked her daugther enough. That's not a problem at my school I'd to some extent get it at home. What's with these people that didn't know paddling be still allowed in school? They sure must not be from the south! LOL
Answers:    Not uncommon at adjectives in the old days. But I dont know what went on at conservatory, in that they may have called your sister and told her they go very easy, because your sister preferred to take fastidiousness of it. Yeah, I agree with just what you said, it seems unwarranted to have 2 disciplines, but my only point is that I'm hearing one of three sides here, so it's not easy to form an accurate judgment based just on a slip of thesis.
Oh, and your other question, would I myself spank a second time? No.
Yeah there may own been some kinda agreement. Usually the at home by a parent spanking it to show the child they the parents also are displeased with the misbehavior.
Where are they still allowed to push your way at school? I thought that was no longer allowed. But to answer your question I agree beside you, one punishment should have been enough. If your sister feel it was necessary to punish her daughter again taking away a privilege would own worked. I have two children and don't like to spank, but occasionally I do. Taking away video games usually works for my boys.
I did not no that schools paddled children?
That's not up to scratch to me, from the school, not the parent, I wasn't even aware that they still used the paddle, that is ridiculous! It's a parent's result whether or not they punish their child on such a personal level, a school system should have no sort of opportunity similar to that. For that sake alone, it's wrong.

Personally I feel that she was harsh but to be honest, it's her child, and if she feel it was necessary, (though I think she'd scholarly her lesson, and just needed to be talked to about why what she'd done be wrong) she had the right to punish her a second time.

Her punishment will surely end up back-firing in the adjectives, but it's still her choice to make as the parent.
She was abused once by the US government, then when she get home, where she should feel loved and protected, she got abused again. I verbs, drugs, lots of alcohol, and crime.

That is all your business, that is your niece who can not go to any place to grain safe, any place she goes is a place of danger, if she doesn't follow every rule.

What I suggest you do, is what I do beside my little cousins who are hit by their parents. I let them know that at least someone does love them unconditionally, and what is done to them is not fair.

At lillilou: LoL Thanks, but patently not, I am just bored tonight, I have too much of a life to post close to that woman did, also I have a very unpopular opinion here. I come here to tolerate people know that they are wrong, and people, like me, will relay them that. Too many parents these days expect immunity from criticism.
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