Where do you carry your family pictures taken at?

Also, how much are you willing to spend TOPS?

We are getting Colten's pictures taken at the Picture People. They will be next weekend for 1st birthday theme. We are using them as his invitations.

They are variety of expensive though. They have packages that go into the $500!!

I would never pay $500 for pictures. Maybe thats only just me.
We other go to Sears. I have tried a bunch of places and sears is my favorite. We also hold a card that if we go during the week..if you buy a sheet you get a sheet for free. So if we bought 20 sheets we get 20 sheets free!

We spend around $80-$100 usually. Depending on what the pictures are for and how ably we like them.
We usually turn to Sears and get a basic package for nearly $100 - $125. We just make sure to get a bundle with the CD in it so that we can upload the pictures to Kodak Gallery or something similar to that if we want to order more.

Our twins will be 1 next month - until they can sit and smile when told . . . I am inclined to go near the less expensive options. When they are older, I might hold a professional photographer do it - but even then, I would want to stay under $500.
Sears because you can get the pictures on a disc AND have full rights to reproduce them. This way you don't have to recompense for over-priced prints at the photo place.

** Aww, William. You 'ol softy.
I am a childrens photographer.

Before getting into the business I used Picture People for my son. I would never use the Picture People again because they are too expensive and the photo sets are all the same.

You want a photo shot that expresses YOUR baby - you want the photo to be roughly speaking your special boy--
not about a set scenery with child plopped in the middle of it. Let me guess a big number one. Or a bench. Or a little truck.So cliche.

Shop around or find an individual photographer to work with.
my wife knows a woman that does it from her home. She is really good. I believe this falls firmly in the realm of my wife so I dont complain to much (except for when I own to dress up and show up). She spends quite a bit $300-$400 but its a small price to pay for a happy wife.
I actually do my own pictures or hire my correct friend to do them. It normally costs us about $100 if I hire my friend (time and picture development) and $30 if I do them (I just reward for developments of the pictures).

I could never justify $500 for pictures unless it were graduation or wedding pictures.
Those pictures are other stiff and posed. They never look like what the family really looks like. I prefer automatic snapshots and making collages and hanging them on my walls.
we have a friend who is a professional photographer that comes to our house who takes the pictures, it costs just about $250, and we do this a couple of times a year but it is so worth it looking at my oldest children's baby pictures brings me back to those days
I LOVE Picture People, it is the merely place we go. They do a FANTASTIC job! I would NEVER spend $500 there, nearby is no need to. I join the portrait club, and then I receive a free sheet and $10 off each time we go, plus they email me coupons for a free sheet and 20% stale additional portrait purchase, which can be used WITH the portrait club. SO, I can get three sheets for about $14 TOTAL! Depending on how you mix it up, that could be as heaps as 24 pictures (wallets) which is plenty to share with family. You can get different poses when you do it this process too, as you are not locked into one pose package. Even adding an additional sheet you would singular spend a little more than $30 and you could get an 8x10, two 5x7s and 16 wallets. Plus, you other get ALL the proofs in an online album that you can share with friends and domestic. You just have to be SMART about it, and not gain sucked into their sales pitch.

40 sheets?? What the ef do you do with 40 sheets of pictures? OMG, I can't even imagine.
We other go to Olan Mills (not sure if they're nationwide?). I think the most we've spent is around $80... and we get a bunch of poses! I definitely don't spend that every time though.

There is no way I would spend $500 for one photo shoot!
Family pics we usually do Sears or JCPenney. We hold done Kiddie Kandids (inside Babies R Us), Lifetouch and Picture People for kid pics only. The only reason I ever go to the Picture People was because I had postponed X-Mas pics so long, I couldn't wait for a smaller quantity expensive photographer to get them back to my. Picture People had you your prints in the past you walk out the door.

That is the upcharge for the service. They were cute pictures, but because all their backdrop were just lying on the floor...my son ran surrounded by circles the whole time. He just would not stay still!! The pics I have from them are of the brief times he manage to stay still on the backdrop for a few seconds.

My son is 4.5, my daughter is 9 months. They both are in matching daycare and a company comes and takes pics there 2-3 times a year. They had you a roll and you pay for what you keep. Tha'ts what I have be doing lately!

Saving money...Sears or Penney's (but you have to wait for the pics).

If you need the pics right away...Picture People or Kiddis Kandids. They paw you the prints before you go.
We actually go to HyVee for individual pictures of our kids, but family pictures are done by a friend of mine who is a photographer.
When Cheyenne was younger we go to walmart and spent up to $200. There was also a photographer that came to our grocery store in 2007. -- He took some amazing pictures! Less props, simpler conditions. But still very good pictures.

These last two years I own paid for school pictures and the rest have be taken with my camera. Some by me, some by my boyfriend, and some by my mom and my cousin. (depending on who all we want included in the shot) Doing it this instrument only costs about $30 and I get to pick exactly what combo of pictures & sizes I want.

If I be wealthy, I might consider spending $500 if I got a really great picture. But I'll be surprised if I ever spend more than $300 unless it's something like a nuptials.
We get the $5 package at Walmart.
Answers:    I hope they turn out great!

Our family pics are usually done at Sears or JC Penny.

My mom took Aidan for pictures when he was 2 and paid over $500 for lately a few pictures (local photographer). The pics were awesome but I can't say I'd ever pay that much!!
I hold a good camera, a tripod, and some backgrounds, and I take them, myself... It save TONS of money, as they're cheap to print out, yet turn out AWESOME! It's not much of a hassle to do it, as we're already home, and can take as much time as needed, take breaks, or anything... Best of all, everyone says, "Hey, where did you seize those pictures taken? They're great!!"

I couldn't even come close to affording $500 in pics, but when I go to a pro, I'm always wanting to buy ALL of them, make happen I can't bear to see printed pics ending up in the trash... Since I've other had an eye for photography, it's what I do. :)

*edit* I love getting to take all the pics, coming up next to different poses, instead of the old stand-by, typical poses, and it costs around $50, even with a huge print of the entire family, and adjectives the individual 8x10's, as well. Source(s): Married, with 4 kids.

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