Spanking while wearing a dress?

My daughter loves to wear dresses, actually thats all she ever wears. When I spank her over her dress I can't see the outline of her bottom, so I don't really know where on earth I'm spanking. I don't want to spank her over her panties, but I feel like this would be more safe.

Would you newly hike the dress up or have her put on pants?

My daughter is 6.
Before every spanking the child in question is sent to her room. When I clutch her up there I tell her that I will be back contained by ***minutes. If you would like to put pants on then stir ahead. If not I will be raising your dress and you will get the spanking over your underpants. 9 times out of 10 when I come back they hold pants on. Why not let her decide.

Unless it is a colossal offense. In that case I say spank over panties. It will make a bigger summary!!
She's only 6 just hike the dress up and spank on the panties or if it's a serious offense clutch the panties down, Changing clothes would be appropriate when she gets older but at 6 you need to discipline as soon as possible. Postponing the spanking would individual be confusing to her. I'm always envvious of parents with daughters who like dresses. Mine other hated them. Source(s): Father of 2, grandfather of 5
:| seriously. Spanking is so wrong there are many other ways to discipline children.
You're the mommy, she's your daughter, and she's only 6. Just lift her dress and spank her on the seat of the panties. Or if she's really impossible pull her panties down and spank her bare bottom. spanking through her dress you could end up hitting her somewhere excluding the butt. And ignore the ignorant comments from the anti-spankers. They can't help themselves not a soul ever taught them how to behave.
I would never hit a child. I am an adult and they teach you from kindergarten on that it's not ok. Be a flawless example and stop hitting.
Man you need spanking a child 101. You attain that bottom bare so you can see IF your physically damaging her! One of the key goal in a successful spanking is pain but not to damage physically. Another switch goal is to humiliate by getting the butt exposed.
My girls like to wear dresses and skirts too and I find myself in duplicate situation. I usually just pull the dress tight around her hips and you can see the outline that way. Or I move up the dress up. If she is naughty in a dress then she can settlement with the consequence of getting spanking in a dress.
Simply lift the dress up and away and spank her on the panties or her showing bottom.
if you have to calculate where on earth you spank your child so no one sees it, that seems similar to a problem.

i'm not trying to preach, but maybe you can find another discipline method other than spanking?
I'd learn how to trendsetter where her bottom is by looking at her butt. This doesn't seem too hard to me. Or freshly feel for it first.
Answers:    sorry but if discipline is THAT complicated afterwards you must be doing something wrong. I mean seriously if you can't figure this one out you might as well throw surrounded by the white towel.

How about trying something other than spanking, yeah that's right, there ARE other option. If you must spank then OMG how about making her wear pants until she starts behave? Tell her if she wants to wear a dress she will have to behave but until you learn other parenting methods she must wear pant.

*eye roll*

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