Is it wrong for a parent to slap his child's frontage if it misbehaves?

First of all a child is not an it! Secondly I infer that there is a time for certain punishments and this is one. Not getting carried away but a slap to the face when a bold facade lie is told, a child sasses, or for a potty mouth can be an effective punishment and if only used when definitely necessary can have a shock effect.
oh plz, I got a dirty look for slapping something out of my sons hand that he picked up from the ground. I didn't hit him, just slapped he baulk out of his hand and some *** told me "don't hit him"...I was so appauled by that! It was some frail guy too-so of course my first thought was "I'm sry grandpa, should I have used the belt?' I don't know in the region of y'll but I was raised with the belt and the switch-I don't use that on my kid, but slapping that be potentially dangerous out of his hand was percieved as child knock about. How far have we gone with this crap?! Where the hell is the line anymore? I suppose punching, breaking bones, making your kid bleed, burning them on purpose, neglect, all that to me is child abuse-but if you collaborate back to your mother or father or insult them, getting slapped in the face, is that any different consequently when a woman does it when her man says he cheated? Is it domestic abuse?
If you constantly do this and the child shows no agression towards you or anyone, when they are older, that bottled anger will catch the best of them and they will abuse their family. So it is wrong. Give the kid 3 warnings: "Stop or you're going to be contained by trouble", "_____(childs name), if you don't stop, I'll have to spank you.", and "Okay. I warned you." and then discipline.
It isn't right to hit a child on any part of the go before.
Not if it's merely a light slap on the mouth. Not full force. For example if they sad a bad word that they know they be not supposed to say . My kids usually get privliges taken away or timeouts . Spanking for me is only finishing resort. They r old enough to understand . But yes I do spank and slap slightly for disciplining but see myself not to let my anger out at them.
Yes it is wrong.
Jabir (RA) said:
"The Messenger of Allah forbade striking or branding the face." [Ibid, 3/1673]
As far as striking the face is concerned, many father and teachers do this as a way of punishing children, when they strike them in the frontage with their hand, and so on. Some people also do this to their servants, even though this is an insult to the facade with which Allah (SWT) has honored man. It may also cause loss of some of the essential senses, which are located in the face, leading to regret and possible demands for retribution.
Branding animals surrounded by the face is done to make a distinguishing mark so that respectively animal's owner may be known and the animal may be returned to him if it is lost. This is haraam, because it causes suffering and deformity. If culture claim that this is their tribal custom and that a distinguishing mark is necessary, it should be made on some other part of the animal, not on the facade.
I don't think that a slap to the face is right. If you want to discipline them perchance a slap on the hand or talking to them would work but not on the face.
Please don't slap your child in the face! :( How upset! If your child is misbehaving spank him on the butt, stand him in the corner, take away his toys and tv time. NEVER SLAP A KID IN THE FACE! Now if he said a bad word you might provide him a light pop on the mouth but never smack your child!
It all depends on how the parent was raise. I personally think it's just apposite old-fashioned discipline, but most new age parents see it as some ticket straight to the dark side.
How would you get the impression if someone slapped your face? The child will feel those same things if slapped.
CHILD ABUSE CHILD ABUSE IS WHAT IT IS discipline is when u spank ur childs bottom but frontage u need to be put in jail or somthing!
It is wrong and exceedingly different from spanking a child on the behind. There are much better ways to dicipline a child who is misbehaving and they do not involve physically hurting them.
It? A child is an "it" to you? You do not even deserve an answer.
Yes. The best entry would be to grounded the child or spank on the rear for very bad behavior.
child abuse
Hmm...depends. What did the child do, and how easier said than done is the slap.

My son once, only once, dared to curse me with a word I find so horrid I won't even say. (Not sure where he learned, I'm guessing conservatory, as that word has never come out of my mouth.) He was 9 and old ample to know better. I popped him one. I haven't heard that word since, or any others similar in nature.

Had the word come out of his butt, I'd own smacked that, but as it was his mouth that offended me, it was his mouth that get the punishment.

I did not bruise him. I did not dislocate his jaw. I did make an impression.
its abuse if someone calls cps u will most expected get ur kids taken away

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