How long should i ground my daughter?

my daughter has broke almost every rule today and has kept lying. one of our rules is to do what you are told, i told her to get out of the pool and she told me no and to shut up .she have to sit on her bed for an hour.We have a 3 strike punishment in our house she got to strike 3 so i spanked her. i suggest i should ground her how long do you think and from what
self say she be punished for about 2-3 weeks..because telling you to shut up isnt fitting..make it hell so she wont do it again..
I have a 6 yr old son who have the same attitude problem and if it were my son, I would ground him from all video games for a apposite 3-4 days and no staying up late (we let him go subsequent now that there is no school so I'd stick to the regular 8:30pm bedtime for those few days).

All kids are different though so if it seem like she learned her lesson (which my son wouldn't have for purely an hour sitting in bed) then maybe that's adjectives she needed. I would make it less strikes for recurrences though. Next time she says no and to shut up, no strikes. Right to time out. Source(s): Mommy of 2
Answers:    i would have spanked her and grounded her for a good 2-3 weeks. and near should only be 1 strike in a case close to that. the more she grows up the more she will disrespect u. dont let her get away with something resembling telling u 2 shut up. first strike and ur out. thats it.
As a teen myself i can somewhat relate. If i behave like that my mom would either take my phone or the computer for a week. Good luck.
How prehistoric is she?
If my child spoke to me like that they would have been spanked the first time and I probably would own removed the pool privilege for a day or two. My kids are 6, 4 and 16 months. They wouldn't DARE be disrespectful like that to me or another adult.

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