How Old Is To Old To Put A Child Up For Adoption?

I was just wondering how everyone feels around he adoption situation as to how old is really to old to be putting a child up for adoption. I am not asking this at all for myself, never contained by a million years would I put my son up!


thank you for your cooperation!:)
It is never too late to supply a child up for adoption unless they are over 18. Generally when a child is given up after it is 1 year old it is usually a case of state custody where the parents be seen as unfit to provide for the child. Then the child enters foster care fairly then the adoption process.

I think if you can not, under any circumstances, provide for your child after they should be put up for adoption. If you have love for that child and want what is best for them you have to give up your insensitive desire to have them to yourself. It was irresposible to ever concieve such a child, but as we all know it happen very often.

Personally, giving up a child would never be an option for me. However, I would also never own sex unless I could take responsibility for the consequences. I understand sometimes things happen that are our of a individuals control but in most adoption cases it is because the person irresponsibly god pregnant when they did not have a steady income, honourable relationship, or a stable living environment that a child could thrive in. 9 months is not enough time to get those things within order either.
Too antiquated is when the kid can remember how bitter it was to have the parents leaving the kid, so approaching 3-4 years old. at That young the emotions haven't started developing sorrow and regret and sentimentality etc. Its a bitter process, but its the worst for the kid.
In my own opinion it would seriously depend on circumstances.

If a parent can not care for a child the way that they know they involve to or they are abusing the child or whatever...then the child should be taken away and "hopefully" adopt by a family who can care for the child the way it deserves to be care for.

I also think that a parent should be MADE to try to get help for themselves and/or the child back they just "give up", except in absolute cases where the child has been hurt impossible.
id say that they are too weak once they can actually understand whats happening
i dont expect addoption is a good thing, because theres only one cause because when they'd grow up, they'd want to see you, and you'de feel sorry for doing what you did. I think that, if you ahve children and you put them in to trouble then i think you shouldnt have children at adjectives.
You should love children and watch every move and word that they do, but how can perants or family see that when their child is in support.
I personally think if children go into thoroughness then they have to be young adequate so that they dont know there parents.
If they want to be adopted i think any ages. Because a couple possibly cant have children and maybe they want it from little little.
If you get what i propose!!
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I'll adopt an eighteen yr ancient girl.
Just the thought of giving up a child for adoption gives me the creeps...I don't think it's surrounded by my opinion no age is right. I believe that, if you know you can't care for a baby, don't be irresponsible and enjoy one in first place and second I think you should rather acquire an abportion.
I was in foster care and they wait till I was 14 to put me up for adoption. Of course I was almost out of the system and decided not to move about thru with it. My brothers remained and they were never adopted. I guess there's not an age hamper under 17. Legally you can be adopted at 17, but most people will not adopt someone over the age of 4.

*Ok really, why did I win a thumbs down? I'm only speaking from experience and what I know about adoption first hand.
I think 1yrs old should be the oldest...if you do it any older they will remember and to be exact so cruel for the child to grow up knowing that you abandoned them (not you, in general). Source(s): Mom of 2 and Former Foster Parent

* Noah and I share the same birthday!! Except he will be 1 and I will be 30 :(
Well i would think it would be resembling 3,4 or 5
i guess if a situation is hazardous to the child health or well being after the parent needs to step up and make their lives better and not just bear the easy way out through adoption.
Answers:    Aww your kid is soo cute! At first I thought that you were asking about putting him up for a adoption and I was confused but after I read your question... I would say that the younger the better. 13 would be too old surrounded by my opinion because they would be in teen years and wouldn't accept self in an adoption state! Good luck and I hope that I helped ~I LOVE Derek
Any time I guess. If you don't want your kid dump him sour with your parents like every other loser does.
10 before they grow on you to much
i woulnd dream up 10 cause they can remembeer you and that would be really hard.
I think that having a baby for a year is really too long I be going to they start growing attched to you... and then you wanna keep him or you hurt them emotionally cuz they already now you. I presume around 3 months and you don't want it put it up for adoption. Source(s): Answer mine?? Anyone?;…
4 years out-of-date, it would hurt way too much
Parents can surrender custody (or have it taken away due to abuse/neglect) right up until the child is an developed.

EDIT: What do mean by 'morally?' If a parent cannot care for the child, and the issues cannot be corrected, or is neglecting/abusing that child, how is is 'moral' for the parent to keep the child?

What sorts of situations are you asking roughly speaking? A parent might, for example, give up custody to the other parent in a divorce situation. Then, a few years down the line, the now-custodial parent might remarry, and the step parent craving to adopt.
Or a mother (or father) with severe mental health issues, or homelessness, or in prison, might want that a child might be better off in another family. Or, conversely, the child might hold issues (mental or physical) that the parents are unable to cope with. Again, surrending custody might be the best option for adjectives parties.

Or are you asking about mom deciding she's tired of her 5 year old's tantrums and giving her up for adoption? Doesn't arise.
i imagine when there old enough to remember you, because thats only cruel on them.
3 years old.
probably 2,3,4 or 5. In that area

An age that they do understand things, so they dont know what is going on. So i would utter maybe 2 or 3 years of age Source(s): :)

Whats with all the thumbs down?
when it starts to walk. Because then it will follow you home and plot revenge
I don't think there is an age limit if somebody realize they can no longer take care of their child i think it would be better if they give there child away that would probably be the most unselfish thing one could do. Now i personally don't ponder i could ever give my kids up for adoption because it would simply break my heart.
I think anything over 1 day old
I dont think at hand is any age too old if the parent feels like they can supply their child a better life at any time then they should do it from birth to 17! I would never give my children up but they own a pretty good life but in my evaluation if someone wants to go through adoption then its so much better than abortion! If you dont want the child after its conceived afterwards adoption is the way to go not killing it! Source(s): Mother of two and one on the method!
mid 30s is probably too late.
adult or 18

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