Who spanked the hardest?

Your mom or your dad? Any implements in particular?
Mom's the hard a$$ near us. Dad never liked to spank his girls so it wasn't very often and not too desperate. Mom will let you have it, use a belt, bare your butt, doesn`t matter what to make sure you don't do whatever you did again.
My father, because he be stronger and he had more of a temper than my mother.

But my paternal grandfather be stronger and had a worse temper than either of them. I never patently pissed him off after that one time when I refused to clean up the paint I have spilled in the garage and mouthed off about it.

I never fear him for doing so, but I was deathly afraid of talking back to him again. Which be, you know, the entire point of spanking me.

None of them ever used implements.
My mom but she had a better aim than my dad. It hurts worse on the upper thighs than your butt.
Usually a belt. My mom like wooden spoons. There was the occasional branch/ limb.
My mom. It be only ever her hand but she did some hard spankings. When my dad spanked it never hurt. I ponder he just did it because he thought he was supposed to. We would usually go to our room afterwards and gurgle about it. On very rare occasion he would use a belt, but even then he would do it so lightly it didn't hurt.
Dad for sure, he was the one who did it not mom.
Depends. My mom could break a wooden spoon across my bum but usually only hit a couple of times. My dad would use a belt and it seem to go on forever. I would say equal.

I personally would never bump up a weapon against my child.
Answers:    I was never spanked so I wouldn't know.
My mom, definitely. In fact, I don't remember my dad ever spanking... but he wasn't home much. Most of the time though my mom would just threaten, "I'm going to carry your dad's belt". LOL - sounds as funny now as it did then.
dad - he alwasy spanked me over his knee on the uncovered bottom, mum just used to give the occasional slap on the leg
My dad did. But my mom found a "weapon" that worked pretty well. My dad other used a belt which really hurt. My mom used to use her hands until her hands would hurt her more than our butts, so she started using this plastic cooking spoon. That really worked!
My Mom, I be daddy's girl, he never spanked me
Neither. I wasnt spanked.
Probably my dad? I don't remember. I am just guessing because I don't evoke. Contrary to what "anti-spankers" might believe, it was never etched into my mind for eternity causing me to learn that "bombing was the answer" and grow up maladjusted and hating my parents, etc. So yeah.
May dad used a leather belt, across my bare backside so it hurt approaching crazy.
My parents were old school and used the Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home approach to punishment. Mom never spanked us, so Dad get the prize for hardest spankings by default. They didn't happen often, but when they did, they weren't smoothly forgotten and the offence wasn't repeated. I was the oldest of 3 brothers and when we got surrounded by big trouble, it was usually as a group. As the oldest, I shouldered most of the blame for setting a bad example. Or if it wasn't my fault, for letting the other 2 take into trouble. My Dad was a security guard and wore a duty belt that was probably 2" yawning and 1/8" thick. Our spankings were what most people would phone a whipping. We'd have to pull down our pants, and underwear, and curtsy on an old easy chair surrounded by the basement, wrapping our arms around the back or leaning on the armrest. Dad would double over his duty belt and administer us each at least 1 solid whack on the bare butt to contest our age, with a few bonus whacks added for good index. The belt had a basketweave design with heavy duty stitching around the fold. That pattern would be imprinted on our butts, in red. It feel like we had sat on wasp's nest. My middle brother sit on a bag of ice once to take away the sting and it leak all over the floor. For that, all of us got an extra dose of the belt. Then we have to stand in the corner with our hands on our leader and endure the pain. Does that answer your question?
My Dad! And he used his belt. Specially made with his name on it.
no implements used, always just an open mitt on my bare bottom
well their spankings were different
moms be a long spanking with lots (i mean lots) of short sharp smacks
dads however was a short spanking beside just a few heavy handed smacks
so i guess to answer your query my dads spanked the hardest

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