At What Age Do You Allow Your Kids To Drink Coffee?

Just wondering on when you allow it
none of my kids drink coffee and I probably would not allow them to even if they asked, which they haven't. They are 14, 14, 12 and 9

I guess I might be ok with it around age 16 but I doubt they will ask because neither me nor my husband drink it either so it's never within the house.
Caffeine isn't really good for anyone. It's not all that discouraging, but everyone should really avoid it as much as possible.

I only drank it as a kid on occasion, as a treat, because kids do not need artificial activeness like that on a regular basis, it's not healthy. Simply, within are better (albeit perhaps less convenient ways) to be alert.

I started drinking it more regularly in soaring school, when I have to stay up all dark studying and then stay alive at school. I drink it on the weekends sometimes, too, when I have to oversleep to fashion up for my lost sleep hours I drink it, too, because you're tired after sleepng more than 10 hours or so. I rarely drank it freshman year, drank it a ton sophomore year, am starting junior year and planning to drink it more than ever because my schedule is hell.

I mainly resembling the taste of it, so I like decaf when I drink it for purposes other than man awake (caffeine makes me physically ill).

Like most legal substances that one might think is sort of taboo, kids should hold small amounts of exposure to it in order to know how to drink it smartly later contained by life and not overindulge in it because it's taboo and "cool." This includes alcohol.
When they aquire a taste for it.

No 10 year ancient is going to like coffee that much.
You should not allow children to drink anything with caffeine in it, including soda and black tea as in good health as coffee. Caffeine prevents the body from absorbing calcium. Calcium is extremely important for building strong bones and teeth, especially in growing children.
If a child is still young plenty to have to obey a parent's rules, than that child is still of an age to be prevented from drinking caffeine, but a good parent will explain exactly WHY they aren't allowed to drink it. That road, the child will have the correct information to make a proper decision for him/herself when hoary enough -- or when the parent isn't there to prevent them from drinking it, which always happen much sooner!
Regular caffinated coffee can really hipe up a small child just close to too much sugar and soft drinks. A generous amount of these stimulants in a small body can have more impact than within an adult. I would not recommend hot coffee to any child under 8. I would (and have) given my 4 year old coffee, but outstandingly diluted with lots of milk; really just enough coffee to put together the milk a little brown. She thought she was so special to be able to drink coffee next to mommy.
I'm 14, and I hold had coffee for abround two years. I don't think it's nessicarly wrong or harmful. I like drinking coffee when I was 12 because I felt so 'grown up'. I goggt to do what the grown ups did. THat meant seriously to me. I think that it's your decision when you want to drink coffee/when you want your kids to drink coffee.
Answers:    11 and up is when I would allow it ( if i had kids).
Fifteen or sixteen years old. If they need coffee, they aren't getting enough sleep and they inevitability something to keep them awake. Caffeine is a drug, just like nicotine and a bunch of other things. Make the kids walk to bed earlier. If you can't resist, give them watered down coffee with lots of milk or even tea. My kids are adjectives grown up. One is 6'3" tall. He never drank coffee until he left home. (Just didn't want to. ) The old-timers like my parents, other claimed it would stunt your growth. I doubt if that's true, but who knows?
Psh, I've be having Cuban coffee since I was 4[:
i was allowed to drink coffee when i was probably around 9, but i was merely allowed to drink a small cup a day.
but before then, i saw adjectives the adults drinking it and i wanted some. so my great grandpa put coffee creamer in some milk and it was my "coffee". lol (:
I assume the question is asking going on for coffee because it's such an effective way of consuming caffeine? (80 - 280 mg./8 oz.) It depends on the child and his ability to deal with his caffeine intake without interfering with life at home and arts school. I would prefer that the world had never stumbled onto caffeine, but it has, and caffeine has some several delivery systems, from soda to tea to power drinks to coffee. I think that rather than getting stuck on an age limit, I'd look at each child individually relative to their emotional old age. At the same time, I'd have to recognize that if I drink it - and I do - can I logically ask my children not to (there isn't a legal prohibition on minors drinking coffee like there is next to alcohol); plus, are my controls on consumption limited because my children can seek coffee outside of my control anyway (there are easily a dozen caf¨¦ in town)?
My 9 and 4 year olds grasp "kids" coffee every once in a while. Basically it's a little bit of coffee with plentifully of cream and sugar.
I would allow it around 15/16
I started drinking it at 14 but not excessively

If I have a cup I sometimes permit my 5 year old have a sip (Decaf)
depends,are tehy hyper?Or laid back?Only give them it when they are calm.Coffee is certain for making people feel so alive after a sip.
I let both of my boys try it at around age 12. One likes it and the other one doesn't.
Never... we are LDS (Mormon) and so we don't drink Coffee... coffee have a lot of caffeine in it and I don't plan to let my child own a lot of soda even without caffeine in it
3 yrs old adjectives the way
i dont think they really need coffee because theyre kids, so they should have that unconscious UMPH built in. i dont have any kids old satisfactory, but when my daughter is a senior in high school i would probably allow it. but later again, it she really wanted to, she'd probably go out and buy it when im not but i definately wouldnt buy it for her. she wont NEED it til her vivacity becomes hectic, so why should she have it before that, y'know?

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