Should children be forced to play sports, even if they don't want to.?

No but maintain them active.
Try dance or music if a kid doesn't like sports.
Or I don`t know something like hunting.
They shouldn't be forced to play a abiding sport. They should be playing some sport of some kind to stay active. They shouldn't be allowed to make the choice "I'm not going to play sports, I'm newly going to sit on my butt and watch TV all day long"

The trick is letting them pick which sport they want to try. Younger children should be trying out oodles different kinds of sports in order to find out what they really similar to.

Take them golfing or something if they don't like running around and roughing it up with other kids.
no, but i think they should be strongly provoked
Everyone is saying no, but I influence that America has a massive obesity problem and the uk has a growing tubbiness problem, this comes from eating too much and the wrong foods but also from a lack of exercise...

all children should be alive, you should find some activity they like... there is other one!

painballing, swimming, karate, etc...

you'll find something they like, and if they don't you force them to go for a run etc...

I am 15 and I hate sports but my parents strictly made sure that I get exercise and I can now do summersaults, handstands and I have a perfect body... albeit smoothly small

there, that's what I think...

No. I never played sports and I turned out perfectly fine. There are alternatives to sports resembling dance and gymnastics or just playing outside. As long as your child gets some sort of buzz and it's sitting on their butt playing video games all day there is no aim to push them to do something they don't want to do. Source(s): Landon's Mommy.
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I hated being forced into so-called physical education classes so much that I finally coerced the adminstration to supply me an extra band period instead. I loved music and being within the band and even marching in parade. Marching is exercise also and we practiced that alot. So, I loved what I was doing and I also had daily exercise. Why should everyone be forced into duplicate mold? Doesn't happiness count for something?
no. they should be encouraged definitely as i believe sports are good for kids. but not forced. still you can't enjoy them on the xbox all day long either.
If they don't want to play a certain sport try integrating them into other deeds that may not be as stressful or strenuous.Open their minds to more things than just sports such as art or music.Just keep trying to find something they enjoy. Although, your kids DO inevitability a certain amount of exercise to be healthy
No! They SHOULD be made to participate in gym class, though. Children should not be allowed to merely sit around.

Forcing a child to play sports is awful. Encouraging them is okay, especially if they're young kids. I'm going to sign my kids up for things (like ballet, karate, whatever) so that they have the opportunity to try things out, but if they aren't enjoy it, I'm not going to make them continue.
Nah I don't think thats right... I would a bit my kids do something that they enjoy not something that mum wants them to do. I don't really think thats equal. i would like for them to get into something that they can benefit from in the long run. But contained by saying that I would also like them to get into something that keep them occupied other than homework.
I signed up my daughter for softball without her practice, because I knew she had good orb handling skills. She had only tried soccer previously, so I wanted to expose her to another sport. When I told her I have signed her up, she was a little reluctant, but I said she didn't have to play again subsequent season if she didn't like it. Well, she loved it and will be playing again next year. So, yes it's okay if you think your child have potential and you want to expose them to a new sport. Just don't force them to play again if they didn't enjoy it.
no but yes
no make happen its wrong to force your child. plus they may not like atheletics etc...
yes because kids need motivation to find something they enjoy.

i know a girl who was forced to play a sport at all times, she hated it, but also excelled approaching freakin crazy and was 3rd in our state for bball.
so there are pros and cons to both i reason.
my answer is no but yes

**** that.

I would of resented my parents for life.

Some kids are just not into competitive sports and that is OK
hiking, biking, walks, play grounds, pools, ponds, creeks, there are plenty of other options, also if you try a moment ago playing different sports at home you might find one they become interested in, if not, there's a whole world prepared to be explored
No a child should not be forced to play sports if he doesn't want to.
To play sports- No
To find some quality of physical activity that they enjoy and partake in regularly- most conspicuously
Absolutely not. What benefit is the child to receive from this? Not all children are athletically inclined. I certainly wasn't, and have to allow, I'm glad my parents weren't ignorant enough to force me to play sports.

More than that, I didn't suffer the broken bones, dislocated joints, sprains, and other pains lots child athletes did. My cousin and several of my friends played various sports as kids. By high school, moderately a few of them were wearing knee braces, or having to wrap this or that for extra support to do some of the most central tasks.

All that activity, and additional risk of injury does take a toll on such a yound developing body.
No! Marty and I revulsion being active. There are alternate activities to do. And sports can carry pretty stressful and competitive.
I believe that children should be encouraged to explore oppurtunities as they grow up, but should not be forced into anything. If they don't want to play sports, then don't make them!
I don't know going on for sport, but they certainly should be made to exercise in some way.
No but they should be getting some form of exercise

If you're worried about them being influential find something else for them to do.
no unless you see potential in them to play something then yes.
No they should not. Should they be forced to be active and not sit around playing video games all day?... Yes! I would never force a sport on my child, but I will insist that she is stirring, whether it be riding a bike, going swimming, playing at a park, whatever she likes to do that is moving.
Not unless you want them to resent you.
You should not force them, but you can always strongly promote them. Perhaps you can make them a deal, to at least try something out if you consistency they will like it once they get going. Allow them to opt out if indeed they are miserable. Also try to discover why they are so against the sport, whether fear of injury, fright of the unknown, or some other reason. Not all kids are athletes, but try to get them involved within some activity, whether music, drama, martial arts, dance... Find something they can connect to, research to be a part of a team. These can all inculcate social skills and responsibility.
sounds logical to me.
I think a parent should provoke their child to try different things but not force them.

If the child wants to play and then decides partly way through the season that they don't want to play anymore, then I think the parent should force the child to finish the season.

All the best.

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