Witnessed Friend's Husband Spank Her?

I was at my friends house the other day when her and her husband got into a huge combat. It was all her fault, she be being bitchy all day at him and even me. She finally threw something at him and afterwards thats when it happened. He grabbed her by the arm sat down on the couch and put her over his nouns and started spanking her! And I dont mean love taps or for fun, I mean a full on spanking. He even flipped up her skirt and spanked her out butt. I was just too much in shock to do anything. He finally agree to her up as she was crying andI left. I don't know what to do. Should I tell anyone? to be honest, not that I condone spanking or mishandle but I think she kind of deserved it. She did act close to a brat all day. And there be something strangely sexy about a man putting his foot down and bringing his wife in line. Does that nouns weird? I havent talked to her yet(this happpened yesterday)I dunno...any suggestions?
man that's wierd. Talk to her, maybe spousal knock about.
It is unusual but I don't think its grotesque for a husband to settle an argument with a spanking--if is was consensual. A good sturdy spanking certainly takes the bitchyness out of me. We find its a good means of access to clear the air after an agreement. And the pain releases indorphins, not as good as chocolate but much better than quarreling. The consent is the agreement that the husband have the right and authority to impose a spanking...nobody would consent while being spanked. Source(s): the redbuns academy
Oh please. It's a fetish. They likely hold an S & M thing going and she's agreeable to it. Even with the crying. Some people are a short time ago into the pain/pleasure bit.

And since you seemed to think it was loving of sexy and that she sort of 'deserved it', why don't you ask them if you can join in next time.
the lucky girl!

I love it when my hubby pulls me over his knee, bares my bottom and spanks me really hard for self a "naughty" girl.it ususally ends up in the most fantastic sex.

Although he hasn't done it in front of anybody before .. theres other a first time for everything though! Source(s): very naughty spanked wife and loving every hot, sore, red second of it
Thats kinda odd. It might be some sex game that they have going on. Maybe the confrontation was staged to see how u would react to the spanking.
As un PC as it is, perchance she did really deserve it.

I'm he has spanked her other times also and she must know that she can leave any time and get a divorce.
So she must be accepting that her husband spanks her.
Everyone is a hypocrite here. She threw s.t at him.. Is that ok? what if that would've hit him in his obverse? Apparently she doesnt know how to control herself and pushed him over the edge. Too bad if she cried, she looked for it. All these double standards... She gets to throw something at him and him in recent times lie there like a moron. She pissed him rotten. point blank.. She should know how to act better. Everyone has this thing where on earth if a woman does something its completely ok no matter what it is...

You shouldnt bring it up really i think. You can ask her how she's doing and if she's ok but dont bring up the incident yourself... She might be embarrassed or something.

Edit: Kerry is a scream.. This might also be true.. It could be a sex thing.. He might have come over to her later to rub it down and inform her its "ok".. and more lmao

how old are they btw?
eew eew eew

in all seriousness, what you did was wrong.
you should enjoy taken pictures and posted them on the internet.
More and more couples are spanking respectively other. It's better than "fighting" and days of the silent treatment. Husbands are getting spanked too. A spanking is better than Divorce Court.
It's a sex fetish. I'm sure they had great sex that darkness!
I would have called 911 immediately and told the police that you be witnessing a man assault his wife (forcibly spanking her without her consent). That is called domestic abuse/violence. Not only that but he exposed her unprotected bottom to you and violated her privacy. That could be considered a form of indecent assault as he had no right to expose her bare bottom to you or any other person minus her express consent.

A husband does not have the right to physically "correct" or "discipline" his wife or any other adult, without their consent. This doesn't nouns like she consented as he grabbed her and forced her into it and she cried. And for your information, "being bitchy" is not a crime and not a soul has the right to assault another person because they don't like how they are behave. And if they do assault (spank) that person, they have just committed a crime, for which they could and should run to jail.

And by the way, you don't have the right to resolve if someone does or doesn't deserve to be assaulted. Many abusers blame the victims for their actions, saying that the victims made them do it or that their (the victim's) behavior justified it, or that they deserved it. How would you perceive if you walked down the street and someone decided to assault you because they didn't like how you looked at their girlfriend? Wouldn't you want the tenet to intervene on your behalf? I think you would. Well this woman deserves equal protection under the law. She committed no crime but her spouse did and he should be arrested and charged.

One more piece. I am deeply concerned that you would find it sexy to watch a man forcibly assault and humiliate his wife by spanking her bare bottom contained by your presence, and without her permission. You should have be revolted by his vicious assault and not turned on by it. And you should have respected her privacy and turned away and not watched, but you didn't. Instead, you found her humiliation and physical abuse to be sexy. What does that enunciate about you and your values? Further, his wife is his wife, not a dog to be "brought into line". He had no right to assault her to control her behavior. If you can't see that for yourself, I think you may stipulation to talk to a counselor.

As for suggestions, ask his wife if she wishes to press charges against her husband. If she does, you should go to the police and tell them exactly what you saw him do. That is the single honorable thing to do. And next time, call 911. No one have the right to assault another adult, not even a spouse!
that's hot.
Seriously? Maybe this is some kind of weird sex game they play. I would agree to her about it and see what she says.
So, if you were being a * to your spouse would you think that you deserved to be spanked similar to a 5 year old infront of other adults who don't spank their spouses as a result of an argument? Hmmm...something to think about, huh? I don't know going on for you, but I can't really think of anyone who would think that she deserved to be humiliated and embarrassed surrounded by such a way. Wow...is this question for real? I have a feeling for her bc if my hubby decided to that..He would have a Lorena Bobbitt on his hands. Sorry, but that's something worth regaining your dignity for! You should be nearby if she's your friend. Must not e too much of one though if you thought she deserved that. You should be ashamed for not going to her sooner..
This really happened within front of you? Hmmm...
I'd talk to your friend about it...if she's ok with it after there's your answer. If she's not she needs to go talk to someone.as far as you thinking it's sexy, there's nought wrong with that, I do think it's incredibly strange that you didn't know they were into that and they did it right surrounded by front of you. I would have left.to each their own, but not within front of me. :)
As far as a fetish like others have suggested, sorry...but doesn't nouns like it if she was crying. Is this guy much older than her? That is strange behavior. She should not enjoy thrown anything, so maybe he was physically trying to tell her he be treating her like a child because she was acting like one.

That individual said, abusing a female is not warranted contained by ANY situation, or a male for that matter.

An abused woman is a hard one to approach, friend or not. Sometimes they discern guilty for provoking the abuser, and sometimes they just feel foolish for putting up with it, knowing adjectives along they are afraid to be alone. Some of them feel for one reason or another, they just don't deserve anything better, and some consistency like they are the only person who would put up next to the abusers BS, and somehow that gives them comfort. They feel special. The sad truth is, near is always some lonely woman with low self esteem that will put up with a man approaching that.

It sounds like your friend needs to get a grip on her exciting issues and get the heck out of there.

As for your thinking it was sexy, powerfully.in a different context maybe. Role play and abuse are totally different things, I newly wouldn't share that part with her if you approach her on the subject. The most important entry as a friend is for you to let her know you disapprove of her being with anyone who would direspect, humiliate, or verbal abuse her in any way. She deserves better, all human beings do.

Sounds resembling they could both use some therapy, but they don't need to be together. Source(s): in a chronological abusive relationship for 2 years, before I grew up.
Answers:    Sounds like your friend get exactly what she deserved. If you feel embarrassed don't bring the incident up, just agree to it slip. If you are intrigued about how their marriage works (and feel confident conversation about it) you could call her and ask her how she feels something like the incident, starting out with a few words of sympathy.

You might be surprised to learn that quite a few men spank their wives, though few do it surrounded by public. And quite a few wives don't mind at all...
Wait so spanking adults is assault but spanking kids is discipline? This confuses me.

BTW next time take pics of that.

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