How much does the state earnings an uncertified babysitter/day safekeeping provider per child per hour?

I live in Oregon and am wondering how much they pay an uncertified day vigilance provider/ babysitter per hour per child.

I heard it was $2.78 and I'm in a disagreement beside my mother (who I help when she needs me to watch the kids she babysits) think that paying me $2 per child per hour is too much. I personally think that's a deal.

Please state where on earth you got your information if you can! Thank you so much!
the state pays babysitters??
why would they do that?

so i guess i don't really understand your question, but 5 bucks an hour is a fantastic deal for one kid. (I live within oregon too) Source(s): babysat for YEARS
now i have a little one of my own... or will soon. :)
In NY state it is $3.00 an hour per kid. (I know this for a fact) But it is more of a hassle than anything else. I went through this in NY and I will NEVER do it again. The state will not take-home pay you unless the parent proves that they were actually working at the time you had the child and so on. There be so many times that she was working but I did NOT get remunerated for those hours. as it was not proven that she was working. Source(s): been nearby done that never going to do it again.
Answers:    I'm not sure how much the state pays but I know the normal going rate for babysitters is around $10 an hour ( says its between 5 and 15) so 2 is a large amount.…

Shows how much the state pays in Oregon
State of Washington $2.82/hour (uncertified)

Google DSHS, child carefulness programs

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