How did you pick your child's godparents?

My husband and I are expecting a baby, and we've been discussing who to pick as the child's godparents. Since we're not Catholic, I've sort of been wondering what the purpose of godparents is anyway. I've hear a couple different things. Some people say they're the ones you designate to raise the child if anything should transpire to you. Others say that they're just people who minister to support you as parents and who help provide spiritual direction for the child as the child grows up.

What sort of factors should we consider when choosing our child's godparents? Age? Marital status? Religion? Whether they are relatives? Anything else?

And it is okay to pick one godmother for providing spiritual direction (like my best friend, who is single) and another couple to help tilt the child if anything should happen to us (probably an aunt and uncle)?

I can answer how my mom picked my brother and mine's godparents
My mom has 2 brothers and my dad has 3 sisters
for my elder brother they used my mom's oldest brother and my dad's oldest sister
for me they used my mom's other brother and my dad's second oldest sister
if my parents died we would go to my brother's godmother
my godfather is a different religion than me also
relatives help bc in the casing of my cousin Alicia where her godparents are ex-best friends of her mothers so they never send a single birthday card to her whereas my godparents always remember my birthday and Alicia told me herself that i be lucky to have realitives for godparents.
Also Marital status didn't matter bc they still would be related to me no business what
But however you choose is up to you
good luck and congrats
Im not religious
So.but Im Catholic. Barely. I dont go to church or anything lol

If religion is high-status to you, its a factor.

Age. Yes thats a factor.
Godparents watch over the child when your gone or you cant. I mean, if you know they're not going to live until the kid's 18, then thats not a righteous choice. Thats why my grandparents arent my Godparents. My aunt and uncle are obviously younger.

My Godparents are my aunt and uncle.

They dont have to be relatives. I mean, look at the Harry Potter. Sirius Black isnt contained by blood relation, and he's Harry's Godfather.
(only example I could think of)

You could pick a close family friend.

And that last examine, yes its perfectly acceptable to do that like your friend
For our firstborn, we chose my parents; for our second, we chose his parents. It's a tradition in indisputable parts of Mexico that we both liked. When we had the third one it got tricky. We chose my sister even though we never care for her husband.

Two important factors in choosing godparents are
1) that they enjoy similar values to yours and
2) that they live close enough where they can actually enjoy a relationship. Sure, people move away, but it's probably not a good idea to choose someone that you know will other live in a different county. And yes, exceptions abound.

Being a role model and being there for support and spiritual direction are IMO the basic purposes.

I think that willingness to raise a child should the parents miss away is more of a symbolic idea. It is okay to choose your friend and another couple. Hey, the more the merrier around Christmas time and birthdays, right?
God parents are nearby to help guide the children when they need help, and to insist they go and get all the religious education.
You choose the God parents by them being someone you trust and confide contained by to be there and baptize the baby. It doesn't business if they are family or not, nor does age, religion, marital status.
Answers:    "Traditionally, godparents were counted informally responsible for ensuring that the child's religious tuition was carried out and for caring for the child should he/she be orphaned. Today the word "godparent" may not have explicitly religious overtones. The modern judgment of a godparent tends to be an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child's upbringing and personal nouns. However, godparent is not a legal position, and should the parents seriously intend the godparents to act as foster parents in suitcase of their death, this must be legally specified through the usual means (such as a will)." wikipedia

For us, Godparent be a purely honorary title - however, we did chose somebody who we would feel comfortable with raising out children. However, as we don't hold a will - I know that nothing is certain (but grandparents and aunts know our decision).

We chose somebody who had values that we feel we'd be comfortable with if they ended up raising our child - surrounded by this case, it ended up being one of my sister's and her hubby (and be mainly my hubby's decision!).

I think that it is a great concept to chose multiple people to have in your child's time! And if you want to designate an honorary godmother for spiritual direction and advice, and a set of godparents to perhaps raise the child, later go for it! Just remember to put it down in writing too!
We're not religious, so we don't have godparents for Ethan. Not only that, but we're not close plenty with anyone to choose as guardians should anything happen to us! I know, it's emotional lassitude. We can't ask his sister because she's pooooor and has two to raise already. We can't as his brother because I hate his wife. We can't ask my brother because he's too irresponsible. My closest friend is a crazy hippy who is raise her children to be vegetarians and has values that I wouldn't want to instill in my child. We're a moment ago SOL when it comes to that stuff! I guess we'll let the grandparents hash it out if anything happens, but am thinking eventually we should make my parents the representative guardians.

As for the last part of your question, I ruminate it's fine to have godparents and guardians be separate. Not an issue.
I hold 3 children, and two of the godmothers are my best friends. Here is the problem with chosing a best friend: One of them I haven't spoken to in a year. We are no longer friends. I never thought in a million years anything could ever come between us. The other is so wrapped up within her own life and in her own precious baby that she have time for no one else. Chose family. i am so disappointed for my kids...they don't deserve this. And you can't undo a Godparent (I don't think) although I would if I could!
For me personally, the people I picked as god parents for my kids, be people I loved, and people that I would love for my kids to look up to, and admire, and hold a special bond with, and people that I know will be a positive influence on my children's lives. Like you said, other people pick god parents for religious or spiritual reason, or as guardians if they happened to pass away.
Consider the factors that are key to you and your family-as long as they are good, loving people who you know will have your child's best interests at heart, you can't really run wrong.
If you are torn between two people it's perfectly acceptable to pick more than one set of god parents, and is slightly common.

But on another note, if you only want one set of godparents, but they are not necessarily the relations you wish to raise your child if anything were to occur to you and your husband, you can make a will (always a good idea) legally stating who you longing to become your childs guardians if anything happened.
Congrats on the pregnancy :)
I'm not Catholic either and growing up never had godparents. I focus your second statement (Others say that they're just people who help out support you as parents and who help provide spiritual direction for the child as the child grows up.) is technically more accurate, but it should be whatever you feel comfortable beside. I'm not a parent (just a baby name lover who happened upon your question), but thought I would lend my view. I definitely had older grown figures I called grandma that weren't necessarily blood related. One was in reality a woman my parents hired as the babysitter but she took care of us for over a decade and we went on vacation to her cottage every summer so she be really like a grandma to us. If you don't feel it's necessary to own a godparent because your religion or your culture doesn't really dictate that role, that is completely okay! Your child will be loved and have people innards roles that yes, maybe aren't clearly defined, but will still be integral to their life. I do think it's immensely nice that you've thought out about who you would want to take care of your child, and you probably should go and get a legal document and talk to those people in the order of it, just in case, glory forbid, the situation ever arose. I definitely don't think that same person requirements to be the godparent, if you choose to have one.

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