I caught my daughter "diddling" herself to 2girls1cup. What to do?

I have seen roughly thirty seconds of the monstrosity and cannot unsee it. How do you reckon somebody can get off to this? Should I ground her?
if she get her hands on it, u might wanna help her out with getting supplies... or subsequent thing u know she is gonna come home pregnant!
I haven't see this video, but I have heard of it. (I do NOT want to see it either, apparently this vid is beyond SICK)

As for what to do near your daughter, Ground her and get internet restrictions or parental controls for your computer.

I'm surprised she isn't traumatised watching this

God I hope you're a troll!!

** Feels some people answering don't know what 2 girls 1 cup is actually roughly speaking ** Furthest thing from regular porn you could ever see **
i think my cousin and i started watchin porn at 11. We got caught once and get spankings but that didn't stop us. We turned out to be very normal not the wild children that some of our friends are thta didn't bring back into things early. My motto is they're gonna do it anyway so teach them to be open next to you about it but also limit things that could be dangerous. For ex. you don't want your daughter sticking unsystematic things up there...that could be dangerous.
Obviously some people like that mode of thing or it wouldn't be on the internet in the first place.

Take the time to give her the sex speech and then instruct her about what is and isn't appropriate for her to be watching. Since she's under 18, pornography/nudity should probably leak under the latter category.
let her be, teens will be teens. she is still growing up. at least possible she isn't out there getting herself pregnant. wouldn't u have her touch herself then enjoy someone else touch her?
Wow. Give her normal porn? Take away the forbidden fruit mentality...

2nd answer:

You could other show her like a bio text book and explain how everything works. I'm only 19 and it even scare me how fast younger kids grow up.
well, it's normal for kids to fool around near themselves during puberty. she isn't a freak for doing it, so don't treat her like one. if you ground her for exploring her body, it'll be like telling her that it's BAD and WRONG to do something resembling that to yourself. she might never find an outlet for her sexuality until she finds it with some guy in the back form of a car. as for the actual porn, it's probably the taboo factor more than anything. but what she's into is her business, as disturbing as it may be for you or anyone else. maybe you should just agree to her explore these things so she can come up with a sexual identity for herself.
Haha, hunny this is 2009 , teenagers are getting WAY more interested in sex now..
wait.what? I dont understand the press
If someone can get off to 2girls1cup that is interesting. You should have her watch 1man1jar next.
that would be like arresting you for jackin off ! thats messed up! permit the girl have fun at least she isnt out having sex next to random guys! and your a freakin perv if you cant unsee it! sounds like your the one that needs back
Stop, drop, and roll.
Answers:    That is a messed up video. I you need to reach a deal to her and explain that in this case what they were doing is wrong. Those girls could take so many diseases they are likely dead by very soon. Give her some more normal things to watch. You won't stop her from playing with herself no event what you do so just try and guide her in a more socially acceptable direction.

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