Can a pediatrician release information to your parents.?

without your consent?
NO only legal guardians can get the information. You parents cant and the doc can be sued for releasing personal information.

Sorry thought you be asking if your parents can get teh info for your child.

Yes parents and get information from a doc till you are of age (18 in most states) till after you concidered a minor and thier full responsiblitiy

In NY till the age of 21 if you commite a crime they can go after your parents to pay
It depends on what information.

A parent is required to consent to ALL medical care that the child recieves, except for the case of abortions in some states, and unsurprisingly when the child's life is in immediate difficulty.

If a minor is on a parent's insurance, then the parents have a right to see EVERYTHING on the insurance bill or statement, cause the parents are the ones paying for it.

However, if the child asks the doctor not to describe their parents something, the doctor can't tell the parents unless it's necessary for the parents to give informed consent for medical treatment - ie, if a kid get beat up and needed stitches, the doctor would have to tell the parents that their kid wishes stitches.
Who pays for your insurance? Did your mother sign something for you to be treated or were you the one who made and kept the appt? They would have no right to release info if you hold your own insurance, and are over 16 years old (in my state).
I agree with sha_lyn68 that within is a double standard about certain things. It depends on what state you live in and your age. I'm an full-grown and I trust my parents completely. I want my parents to know everything about my health because they would take exactness of me if I was sick.
It depends on the age of the child.
YES. IF the patient is under 18 and surrounded by the care of the parent then yes.

If the child is under 18 but considered independant afterwards no.
Not unless it is of severe importance concerning your health.
If you are 18 then yes if they are your gardian. If you are over 18 you involve a doctor for adult not a baby/child doctor.
Answers:    Yes unless it is related to sex/birth control etc

Why the double standard I will never understand. 16 yr ancient falls and need a dozen stitches? sorry kid you have to wait for a parent to sign.

Kid have sex, gets PG and wants an abortion? Sorry parents you haven o say so.

I'm sorry but it is wrong for a Dr to get something done an elective surgery or prescribe medicine to a minor without parental consent. I don't care if that elective surgery is an abortion and that prescription is birth control. A dr have no right to treat a minor without the parents permission.

I know a 17 yr old that almost died from a blot clot cause by her birth control.
I don't deduce so, but it might depend on your age.
Parents can know information about their child, if the child is under 18.
it depends on the age of the child

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