Breastfeeding: how to trigger multiple letdown?

When pumping, I usually get a quick, initial strong letdown reflex but then zilch else after my milk stops running (about 4-10 minutes). Every once in a while I get an additional letdown that doubles the milk, but it's pretty in danger of extinction and takes a long time. I can't tell why I sometimes get the second one.

Any accepted wisdom how to trigger additional letdown reflexes? I'm currently pumping every 3 hours and breastfeeding at home to try to increase my milk supply.
Answers:    I am a new mommy to a one month ancient baby girl and I didn't think my baby be getting enough to eat but the doctors insist that she is. I wanted to increase my supply so I that I could be confident that she be getting enough and also to have extra to freeze. Before I started to trying to increase my supply I had No extra milk what so ever I literally have just enough for her and that's it. I read to pump 5-8 minutes After each feed (even if dry) to demand more milk but I did that for over a week and had no luck at all. I read that babe-in-arms can get allot more milk out of the breast then the pump can so what I decided to do is . I would pump until I be dry BEFORE I fed her and then latch her on to help verbs out what the pump couldn't get out (that REALLY helped empty my breasts which is what you stipulation to happen to help increase) then I would pump again for just about 3-5 minutes after she ate and since at the time I had no extras I would bottle fed her what I pumped after she was done feed from the breast I did that every feeding for 2 days and my supply went up huge. After those 2 days I was freezing 10-12 ounces of EXTRA milk a daylight and I have a good size stash in the freezer very soon. Sorry if I confused you trying to explane it but to break it down again Step 1 pump till dry Step 2 Latch baby on to feed Step 3 Once baby is done intake pump AGAIN for 3-5 minutes and Step 4 bottle feed the milk you pumped from Step 1 Good Luck and I hope it helps!
I don't know a good sure fire bearing to help trigger the let down but I do know that it helps to stay as relaxed as possible. Try breast compression or heat up compresses. Visualization sounds lame but it does help. Try pumping both breasts at the same time or pumping one and doing nipple stimulation on the other. Given all that, sometimes I still own difficulty initiating a let down with the pump, though I didn't before. So if adjectives that fails, what I will do now if I want a little extra milk is nurture from only one breast and immediately pump the other.

Good luck.

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