When should a kid double their birthweight?

My baby was 9lb 5oz when he was born and at 16 weeks he weigh 17lb 7oz. Does this sound pretty big for a 16 week old and when should a baby double their birthweight? It looks as though mine will be roughly 5 months old but could be earlier
Usually by or around 6 months. And triple the birth weight by/around 1 year.
Sounds pretty big, but that baby started out pretty big. :)
They say about 6 months or after that. My daughter double her birthweight at 5 months. She was born 10 lbs 4 oz and now she's 22 lbs at 6 1/2 months. But it all depends. My cousin be born with heart problems and didn't double her weight until a year. My friend's baby be born premature and he just double his birthweight at 2 months old. My other friend's baby is almost 5 months and is almost to double her weight. It depends, but as long as they're healthy then that's adjectives that matters! Good luck!
Usually between 4 and 6 months. Talk to your pediatrician at your subsequent visit about your concern. Source(s): http://www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSI…
He's perfectly fine sounding to me, but ask your doctor if you're concerned. By at least a year it should be doubled, but if before--it is usually perfectly fine! My 6 month old is 21 lbs & 31 inches, within the 99 percentile for all factors--and the doctor said he's perfectly healthy, in recent times big!
Answers:    Babies should double their birth weight at almost 6 months old. He could just be a large babe, at 4 months my baby weighed 14lbs 15oz and was 8lbs 5oz when he be born, He'll probably follow a growth curve for the first 2 years, here's a tool you can use to figure out how big he is:

PS: 17lbs 7oz is 17.4lbs.

According to it he is between 75 to 90th percentile. So he's big but not as big as some are!
General rule is they double at 6 months and triple at a year. So a 9lbs 5oz newborn, should be approximately 18lbs 10oz at 6 months.
5 months is the general 'rule' ... but all babies are different, and a babe who is small at birth will 'double' sooner than a baby who is large at birth and should Triple by a year. On average a baby should gain at least possible a pound a month. Source(s): not long had a baby myself
I think they enunciate about 6 months is the "norm" but my every baby is different. My baby be nearly 9 months. As long as your baby is happy and healthy I wouldn't verbs :)
Your little one is doing fab, i really wouldn't worry. No such thing as normal.
My little girl is 2 years feeble nearly and was born at 6 pounds 6 onz and only weighs 18 pounds very soon..shes so tiny for her age, but perfectly healthy and happy.shes also solely 74 Cm's so off charts for height and weight.
They should double by 6 months however my son doubled within a couple or few months.
my 2 were 5lb7 and 5lb9 when they were born they were end weighed 2 weeks ago and they were 9lb12 and 10lb10 so nearly doubled already and they are 12 weeks

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