What would a child whose father is mixed, and mother is white look approaching?

So my boyfriends mixed with black & white, and im just white lol, what would our baby look similar to? i was just wondering bc i dont think ive ever see a person mixed like this, would they just look white, or white beside a tan?
I have a girlfriend who is mixed and her husband is white., They have two kids. Their son is darker similar to her. He actually could pass as Latin! LOL!! Her daughter is very open-minded like her husband. So...no telling what your kids might look like!

Both kids own dark hair and brown eyes. And they are the cutest things EVER!!
I think your toddler will look white, with a tan :)

My sister is mostly white, and her ex is half black / partly mexican, and her son is the same color as her. He actually looks more mexican than anything, but then again.. so does she.

My husband is Indian. and my son is pretty just compared to my husband. He is actually the same color as me, and has like color hair as me (his hair is actually lighter than both of ours, but it closer to my fuzz in color and texture).

So yeah, white with a tan.

You *will* however consideration that your baby will have some features that are not white though. Source(s): mixed race family connections

As for my sister and I, we have mixed european heritage (Ukraine, Poland,France,Britain) + 1/8 native american, my sister has really shadowy hair and dark skin and a lot of nation think she is mexican. Also I am pretty dark for a "white person" lol.
Most promising darker than you but still lighter than her daddy. She will have a nice tan year round and be bearutiful :)
My friend's mom is black and her dad is Mexican... it's pretty much the same as your situation. This is what she looks like: http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/5580/00…

It's a Facebook profile pic, sorry if it's strange xD And that's her scary brother in the back o_0

I hear somewhere that girls get most of their genes from their dad, and boys from their mom... which is true with me and my brother. And my friend looks pretty Mexican, like her dad. So I guess it depends if you hold a boy or a girl...
They will be whatever color genetics dictates. You cannot speak about by looking at other children as yours will be unique.
my sister in regulation is half black and half white and her husband is white..their son is very remarkably light.. looks full white and their daughter is darker than all of them. guess she took after her grandma..lol. no mode of knowing till the baby is born...
your baby will be beautiful! beautiful skin color...i guess thoughtful of a mocha color
depends. usually, they would look white with a tan. but if a pernickety gene your bf passes on might be alittle darker then he is...you never know.
Like a baby.

My guess is you enjoy seen plenty of people who are mixed like that.
probably caucasian but you could own a very dark baby also...only just depends.
The baby would probably be a lighter suntan color, maybe a little olive. Being only 25% black wouldn't offer a very dark color...I wouldn't think anyways. I did stir to high school with a kid that be 100% black but he was almost as white as me...which I'm pretty close to casper lol.

My fiance is partly hispanic/mexican...not sure exactly what percentage but his entire family surrounded by California speaks Spanish so I'm sure it's at least 25%. Our daughter has a very nice skin tone and tans soooo smoothly, I'm jealous of her! Source(s): Mommy of 2
Unless your boyfriend is straight up black your baby will probably be brown.. or really tan.
Answers:    Probably very pretty. I love mixed babies. Whatever traits his parents have, the boyfriend will bring beside him, and the same with you.
olive skin I don`t know

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