Is it undamaging to afford pedicloryl syrup to 8 month kid to regularise sleep at hours of darkness?

Pedicloryl is a syrup used for kids to sleep when they dont.
NO! call the pediatrician. Get a babysitter, sleep when she/he sleeps.
It is always up to you to decide what is best for you and babe. However, there may be other things you can do before resorting to knock out drugs which they can become dependent on instead of regulating sleep patterns. Try and numeral why they are waking first-
is it teeth? use painkiller first
Is it hunger? Try upping their caloric intake during the day
Are they used to getting picked up every time they cry? Try going within and rubbing their back, head or tummy to calm and soothe them instead. It may transport awhile the first few times, but then they stop waking as they know they aren't going to get picked up.
Borrow the Baby Whisperer book from the library as she have some helpful sleep tips that worked for my wakey wakey son.
Good luck, I know it's tough.
Answers:    Probably not, you wouldn't them to get dependent on it and accidentally misplace or lose the bottle and have a screaming child on your hands. Try a nouns machine and a favorite stuffed animal instead

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